We can host your communication support project

Research Cooperative
02/04/11 09:36:16PM

Special-purpose communication support projects can be established for:

  • academic, research, and educational purposes,
  • any medium of communication
  • NGOs and NPOs
  • conferences
  • public or private research
  • independent researchers
  • local, international, and virtual communities
  • research groups or projects,
  • academic, research, and educational networks.

Managing these projects within the Research Cooperative will be the responsibility of the members who establish each project.

As a host for communication support projects, we offer a strong academic, research, and education-orientated environment that is also closely linked with an extensive community of editors, translators, illustrators, science writers, and publishers. Through our network, you can easily approach a wide variety of people who may be able to help you develop the communication support project.

For example: you may wish to support the production of a bilingual newsletter by a research group that has limited funds for newsletter production. Through our network you can seek volunteers or specialist editors and translators to help with production of the newsletter.