ISJ Guidelines for Junior Scholars and Budding Research Writers

Research Cooperative
01/11/08 01:20:28PM
The Research Cooperative welcomes and supports young scholars and others who wish to gain experience in research writing.If you would like to submit a manuscript to be considered for publication, in Island Studies Journal , we encourage you to seek help here - in the Research Cooperative forums - to improve your paper before making the submission (and do acknowledge your sources of help in the submitted paper).The forums here at the Research Cooperative can be used to find volunteer or paid readers, editors, translators, illustrators, writing advice , and other kinds of help.To use the forums, please sign up in the box above, at right. Membership is free.If you are looking for other people who study islands, please search our member list (see Members tab above) using the keyword 'island', and make sure that you mention an island or islands in your own member profile page, so that other island students, researchers or writers can find you.With thanks,Peter Matthews (for the Research Cooperative and ISJ)