Euroscientist Special Issue: Open Access

Research Cooperative
27/10/13 04:08:50PM @chief-admin:

I've looked at the report. It is good. I recommend this link to others!

Note - it's a PDF link so may take some time to download.

It is worth waiting for if you are interested in changes that are happening now in scientific publishing.

I would like to print this and show it to the publications committee at the museum where I work. We still do not have even a basic publishing contract for our authors to read and sign. Confusion and uncertainty reign!

Lachezar Hristov Filchev
27/10/13 01:51:04AM @lachezar-hristov-filchev:

Sorry for my occasional replies Peter. Here is what else I have found from T&F. They are not 'the first, the one and the only', but again it is a good report on OpenAccess.

Research Cooperative
24/10/13 08:21:18PM @chief-admin:

In relation to the open access movement, here are two sites I came across today:

Institutions for Collective Action - a good example of how research projects can make use of the Internet to operate in an open manner.

"Open access" is not just about the process of writing and publishing, it also about the way research is carried out, from start to finish, or continuously without end...

More directly concerned is a website produced by Knowledge Exchange (based in Europe), namely:

Open Access Success Stories

And last (and least), here are our own small groups for discussion of Research communication

and Open access publishing .

Readers are encouraged to throw comments into the pool in each of those groups, to see if something of interest emerges... or to add to the conversation here.

Lachezar Hristov Filchev
23/10/13 12:55:21AM @lachezar-hristov-filchev:

Hi Peter,

Hi everyone,

For me, the OpenAccess has to be completely opened. Following this simple truth I am forwarding you the Taylor&Francis offer:

Hope that you can benefit from it. Good luck!

Best regards,


Research Cooperative
20/10/13 09:14:09AM @chief-admin:

This is a good link to follow. It is great that governments are trying to make public research accessible to a larger public. If author page charges make us more sensitive to the value of the journals we choose to publish in, that will be a good thing.

I think, ideally, author-page charges should be low enough for authors to pay without feeling any great burden, so that they can idependently support a journal they like, without needing institutional backing.