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23/01/14 04:09:51PM

All members of the Research Cooperative can publish their own blog page from inside our network. For more options and personal control, many dedicated blogging systems are also available.
I can recommend and, but other platforms have good points and should be explored.

See: (and a do-it-yourself platform at

'Photo blogging' is a major recognised category of blogging, and is one that may be of interest to researchers who use photography in their work.

A visit to will give many leads to the blogging systems favoured by photographers.

'Science blogging' as also a major recognised category, and we can learn a lot about, and from, the science blogs reviewed at . And just to demonstrate this, we can still (two years later) see my own reply to a posting about a meeting that celebrated 'Open... . In that posting, John Wilkins described Open Access "an earth changing movement in scholarly communication".

Blogging is surely part of this movement (and so too is the Research Cooperative).

See also:

'tips for better blogging' at

If any of this has inspired you to start or improve your own blogging site, please remember to link back to the Research Cooperative.

Blogging is another kind of publication, and can be used to support and promote the work of individual researchers, editors, translators, illustrators, IT specialists, language-service companies, academic societies, research projects, and research institutions.

As the number of blog sites increases, it will become increasingly difficult to attract readers, and thus increasingly important to produce well-written content, and to collaborate with other bloggers who have related interests. Forming groups, as with our Research Co-op Bloggers, should help raise the visibility of individual blog publishing efforts.

Our network, the Research Cooperative, will (I hope) have an increasingly important role to play in supporting science blogs (i.e. the work of science writiers, who interpret science for wide audiences), and other research-related blogs.

If you would like to recommend any sources of information about blogging and science blogs, please reply to this message!

We are interested in the entire universe of science blogging.

What are the top science blogs and platforms for English, and for languages other than English?