Message to Scholastica: can we work together?

Research Cooperative
17/03/14 10:55:34PM

Scholastic is the provider of a generic journal publishing platform.


Company taglines include: "Academic publishing done the right way" and "Scholastica makes it easy to collaborate on a journal and publish scholarship at the click of a button."

My response is that Scholastica customers will need the Research Cooperative, and we need to work with Scholastica (and other providers of publishing systems).

Below is the message I sent this (Chicago-based) company today.

A similar message could be sent to many such system providers.

Members of this Research Co-op group - a request for help!

Please recommend similar companies that we can contact with a similar message.

Comments on the message below are also welcome.

Thanks, Peter (Admin., Co-op)

Dear Scholastica,

I am a researcher (Associate Professor) based in Japan. I've been tinkering with a not-for-profit social network for researchers, editors, translators, publishers, etc. since 2001, and for some years now have been using the social networking platform.

Please see:

My view is that regardless of the publishing system used by a journal, what matters most is the human network in and around the journal...

i.e., the whole ecosytem of authors, paper editors, journal editors, reviewers, language services, and readers.

The Research Cooperative as it is now (7000 members, nominally) demonstrates that it is possible to bring people together, but so far I have had little luck catching the attention of publishers.

I manage the network single-handedly on pocket money, in spare time, and cannot effectively promote the network.

I would be grateful if your team can look at the network, and consider how - in principle - use of the network might benefit all the journals that use the Scholastica platform.

The benefits of an active partnership could be mutual and synergistic, as far as your customers and my network members are concerned.

Please look at the website, and contact me at any time.

The site has many flaws, and in the near future will have to move to the Ning 3.0 platform. I am actively making changes (for the better, I hope) as time permits.

All suggestions for improvement are welcome, though I do think the main functions needed are in place. The network is operational, and has been useful for some people.

Best regards, Peter (Kyoto)