"Responsible research publication" (a 2010 position statement)

Research Cooperative
30/08/15 09:43:34PM

The summary position statement shown below is copied verbatim from the following source:

S. Kleinert and E. Wager (2011) Responsible research publication: international standards for editors. A position statement developed at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, Singapore, July 22-24, 2010. Chapter 51 in: Mayer T & Steneck N (eds) Promoting Research Integrity in a Global Environment . Imperial College Press / World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (pp 317-28). (ISBN 978-981-4340-97-7)


The full chapter can be downloaded as a pdf from the Austrian Agency for Scientific Integrity .



  • Editors are accountable and should take responsibility for everything they publish.

  • Editors should make fair and unbiased decisions independent from commercial consideration and ensure a fair and appropriate peer review process.

  • Editors should adopt editorial policies that encourage maximum transparency and complete, honest reporting.

  • Editors should guard the integrity of the published record by issuing corrections and retractions when needed and pursuing suspected or alleged research and publication misconduct.

  • Editors should pursue reviewer and editorial misconduct.

  • Editors should critically assess the ethical conduct of studies in humans and animals.

  • Peer reviewers and authors should be told what is expected of them.

  • Editors should have appropriate policies in place for handling editorial conflicts of interest.