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We look forward to recommendation requests from our members on behalf of new, local, regional, or less well-known publishers. See notes at end of list.

There are many ways to find publishers that have a good reputation, but perhaps the most important method is to look at (1) publishers that have published work that you personally find good, and (2) the publishers of papers cited by authors you consider to be good, and (3) long-established review journals that publish well-written reviews in your research field.

If you have good work to publish, and would like to consider a range of possible publishers, review journals can be a rich starting point. Review authors generally make an effort to cite widely from across all the relevant and recent literature for a particular research topic.

Recommended Review Journal Publishers

Annual Reviews - Publications: many across the social, natural, and applied sciences. This publisher offers free access to its entire collection of review journals (including the Electronic Back Volume Collection) to institutions in eligible countries within the "International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications".

Recommended Publishers for Journals and Monograph Series

1. Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mataram in Indonesia. PublicationDinamika Teknik Mesin , since 2001. English, Bahasa Indonesian. Research Cooperative member contact: Mirmanto.  Added 26th October 2017.

2. National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan. PublicationsSenri Ethnological Studies (and others), since 1974. English, Japanese, other languages. Research Cooperative member contact: Peter Matthews. Added 26th October 2017.



1. We support new, local, or less well-known publishers that we consider to be genuine. A listing here does not imply anything about their particular merits for authors, readers, or research areas, other than that we believe them to be genuine publishers.

Authors must judge for themselves the particular merits of a publisher for a particular area of research. 

2. Inactive links will be removed. As a courtesy, please report inactive links, and supply a new URL, or tell us if your journal has ceased operating.

3. We have only one criterion for supporting a publisher: it must be produced by a genuine educational organisation (university, society, company or other group).

"Genuine" means with a significant educational purpose, professional goals, clear historical record, and contact details that can be verified in more than one way.

4. We do not list publishers represented by just one person or by anonymous people, as the resulting publications are unlikely to have adequate academic support for management, editing, peer review, promotion, and long-term production.

5. We are happy to support local and multilingual publishers that use a mix of English and other languages. At present we can only investigate and list publishers that provide English-language information. We can help publishers by (i) adding links in our recommended publisher list, below, and/or (ii) creating a publisher support group.


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