Example Public Group

Example Public Group

Groups can be created by the page owner for many different purposes, to let group members communicate on topics of interest. Any member of the Research Cooperative can join a public group, which is moderated by the Workshop manager. Workshop participants should join the Research Cooperative in order to join a group created here.

For the Workshop, public or private "working groups" could be created during the workshop to provide a place for continuing exploration and discussion after the workshop.

As an example, a working group could be established to build lists of journals published in Nepal as:

* print only,

* print and online, and

* online only,

... with the year of establishment, publisher name and address, and URL.

This could be done for just one discipline, if the task is too big. The result could be used as a starting point for a review article on the state of publishing in that discipline at present, in Nepal.

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