• Shopfronts at the Research Cooperative


    For "Shopfront Members" of the Research Cooperative, we would like to help you build a commercial shopfront alongside other professional freelancers or companies involved in educational and scientific communication. This may be especially suitable for individuals or small teams who do not otherwise have an online shopfront.

    ABOVE: the Hohe Strasse of Cologne, in Germany.

    Imagine a city street where many related companies gather. Although competing, the shops all benefit because customers are attracted to streets where choices can be made. We would like the Research Cooperative to bring this many customers to your shopfront! Thanks to Superbass - Own work, GFDL, Wikimedia Commons, for the image.


    1. We will attempt to make it possible for Shopfront members to manage financial transactions for their business through their Shopfront profile page.

    2. After setting up your Shopfront profile, and a six month trial period, we will request a small annual subscription.

    3. Subscription fees will be used to support development of the Research Cooperative as an NPO social network for better research communication.

    For enquiries, please use the contact form below

    (email address will remain private, and will only be used for reply to your enquiry)

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