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@skyebluepublications • 4 weeks ago • comments: 2
We should send our congrats from ours to yours at The Research Cooperative, Kyoto Japan and to their chairman Dr./Prof. P. J. Matthews.


Research Cooperative
01/01/23 09:50:07PM @chief-admin:

Dear DAF,

Last month I could visit one of the "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System"  (GIAHS) sites in NE Kyushu, Japan (Kunisaki GIAHS site). We met shitake mushroom farmers who plant and grow oaks using a coppice system, to produce logs on which the shitake mushrooms are raised. The mushrooms can be eaten fresh (after cooking), but most are dried, and the drying machines mainly run on kerosene. Not all parts of the present system are integrated as part of a local production cycle. Kerosene is often used in rural Japan, and could be one of the forest products of Japan. I should find out more about this.

Thanks for posting, and best wishes for the New Year!

Peter (Research Co-op)

01/01/23 06:33:50AM @skyebluepublications:

We welcome and thank The Research Cooperative (Dr./Prof. P.J. Matthews) for allowing this new opportunity to join with and interact with its unique community of research and communications professionals currently with our Owner/Principal D. A. Flores, BA MAS (Biotech) in the capacity of Freelance TechWriter and Private Inventor and also an Editor in the field of Trade Biotechnology.

We are as Skye Blue Publications/Skye Blue Internet based in PoCo British Columbia Canada V3B 1G3 a local community services and non-profit organization with the ff. activities in Canada:

1. Franchised Content Provider

2. Nutraceuticals Corroboration for IP

3. Agri-Retail Farming in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia

4. Orthochem Laser Device for Gel Documentation in Proteomics

5. Bio-Kerosene and Other Green Materials

We thank interested parties currently involved with our goals and achievements in these areas of technical research endeavor. 

Sending Greetings to our collaborator at Carmot Therapeutics Inc., Berkeley CA USA and future development of the protocol and device for gel documentation using our proprietary orthochemical reagent or detergent dye tagging mechanism unique and a industry leader in the workplace projected for development for commercialization in the next half to a decade in fuuture.

D. A. Flores (pen name)





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