Health and Medicine

Health and Medicine

Communicating health and medicine - in research, professional courses, and public education.

Publishers, journals, societies, schools, medical writing courses, and any practical issues that arise.

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Dr Prasher
11/05/10 05:16:15PM @dr-prasher:
Health is a dynamic phenomenon in view of Ayurveda & demands active participation of the human being by following the biological requirements in terms of dietary-stuffs& habits, & life style adoption depending on environmental variations.Human body is like a sea, one small wave creats disturbance almost whole of the system, so approach to reverse this pathological disturbances[diseases] can be of integral nature, any agent working on single/two mechanisms can not be the cure
Dr G-Halli R. Rajasekariah
19/04/10 06:36:00PM @dr-g-halli-r-rajasekariah:
Please make this universal and address the problems facing humanity. My involvement is with the infectious diseases of humans.It has lot of challenges and require considerable amount of resources. Resource distribution, dissemination of knowledge, technical know-how and application towards huamn health are in my opinion are of important criteria.


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