Kokoda Valley, Papua New Guinea

Research Cooperative
11/02/09 03:19:57PM
Dear Jared,Is there any chance you could help the folks at the receiving end of the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea?The community in Kokoda Valley has huge numbers of backpackers coming and going, but very limited systems and support for dealing with the resulting environmental and social stresses, and for extracting the best possible benefits as hosts.Last year, I built a small website for my host there:See: Kokoda Mountainview Lodge The local PNG owner was previously a school teacher in northern Australia and was a citizen member on the board of the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service. She might welcome an enquiry from you.
13/02/09 05:12:33AM @amy:
Dear ColleaguesWishing you all good health and well being in your valuable work. I was recently offered a position in Forestry at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology in Lae hence I have been researching the local conditions of the region. My understanding is that the Kokoda Track is not a very safe place these days for international peoples who may be the target of violent crimes, unfortunately. I have not been to Papua New Guinea but have read a number of travel advisory accounts about this local area.I would be delighted to dialogue with those who have or are conducting research in Papua New Guinea. My understanding is that the city of Lae is a "dangerous" place and that public transportation is not recommended because of hijacking, theft and sexual assault.Sincerely,AmyAmy Eisenberg, Ph.D.Sonoma County Indian Health ProjectCenter for World Indigenous Studies