Rapid Ohia Death - a fungal disease affecting forests in Hawaii and a threat for many Pacific Islands

Research Cooperative
16/08/17 11:27:55AM

I thought myrtle rust is bad, but listen to this news on Radio NZ's  Morning Report, 16th August, 2017:

http://www.radionz.co.nz/natio nal/programmes/morningreport/ audio/201854907/biosecurity- not-enough-to-stop-threat-to- pohutukawa

Pohutukawa is New Zealand's dominant coastal tree, and provides a huge ecological service by protecting our coastlines against erosion.

We need to have separate arrival lanes for all flights that pass through Hawaii, at all international airports in New Zealand, and a thorough inspection process.

For details about the disease, see the University of Hawaii site here:


The situation in Hawaii is already grim.

Please cross-post from here as widely as possible. As a plant scientist, I can say that the danger is not exaggerated.

As botanists, we need to look at the full spectrum of threats to world vegetation, not just the threats to food crops.