Archaeology in primary/secondary level Education?

Orlene Mcilfatrick
29/04/10 07:38:04AM
Do children get taught enough about prehistory in school? How is the information presented? Is it tailored to grab their attention and get them excited about archaeology?
Primary school children are catered for reasonably well in the UK, with Egyptians,Romans, cavemen and Greeks being favourite class projects.
After primary school, it stops.
So, recently I've been thinking about secondary schools. Archaeology or prehistory in general are not topics being taught in the curriculum it seems. History is limited to 1066AD onwards. The typical structure is as follows: the Norman conquest and the foundations of England, followed the next year by some regional specific history, followed by something about the 2 world wars. Nowhere any room for prehistory. In theory GCSE and A level archaeology exist as qualifications for 16 and 18 years olds respectively however I have never met anyone who was offered them.

Anyone else noticed a similar pattern in their country's education system?
Do you think 11 - 18 year olds should have more prehistory and archaeology in their curriculum or do you think it's something best left to undergraduate level?