Some upcoming archaeology conferences for the rest of 2010 (part 1)

Orlene Mcilfatrick
10/08/10 10:42:49PM
I thought it might be useful to include a list of some upcoming
archaeology conferences in the 'communicating archaeology' Group. This
is not a comprehensive list by any means, please feel free to add your
own input, advertise your own conferences or those you know about in the
messages and replies pages.

I will edit and add to this page when new info becomes available, so if you are interested please check it regularly.

Perhaps we ought to form a posting Group for Archaeology Conferences?

1st Sept: 16th Annual meeting of European Archaeologists (Hague) website at:

10th Sept: Museums and Galleries History Group (Leeds, England) "museums and the market" website at:

13th Sept: 8th Annual Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe (Santander, Spain) website at:

23rd to 26th Sept: Early Man and the Ocean (Oslo, Norway) website at:

27th Sept-1st Oct: International Conference of the European Association
of Southeast Asian Archaeologists (EurASEAA) (Berlin, Germany) website

29th Sept to 2nd Oct: The Seventh Australian Conference of Celtic
Studies (Sydney, Australia) website at:

16th Oct: 'The End of Roman Britain in the East' (Notingham,England)
website at:

23rd Oct: 'What's New in Roman Scotland' (Glasgow, Scotland) website at: Somewhere on Glasgow university webpage!

29th to 31 Oct: The joint conference of the Prehistoric Ceramics Research
Group and Prehistoric Society (Manchester, England) website at:

13th Nov: 'The End of the Roman North: Roman to Anglo-Saxon in
N.Britain' (York, England) website at: more info
will appear there shortly.

17th to 19th Dec: The 32nd Annual Conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group (Bristol, England) website at: