Some upcoming archaeology conferences for the rest of 2010 (part 1)

Orlene Mcilfatrick
10/08/10 10:42:49PM
I thought it might be useful to include a list of some upcoming
archaeology conferences in the 'communicating archaeology' Group. This
is not a comprehensive list by any means, please feel free to add your
own input, advertise your own conferences or those you know about in the
messages and replies pages.

I will edit and add to this page when new info becomes available, so if you are interested please check it regularly.

Perhaps we ought to form a posting Group for Archaeology Conferences?

1st Sept: 16th Annual meeting of European Archaeologists (Hague) website at:

10th Sept: Museums and Galleries History Group (Leeds, England) "museums and the market" website at:

13th Sept: 8th Annual Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe (Santander, Spain) website at:

23rd to 26th Sept: Early Man and the Ocean (Oslo, Norway) website at:

27th Sept-1st Oct: International Conference of the European Association
of Southeast Asian Archaeologists (EurASEAA) (Berlin, Germany) website

29th Sept to 2nd Oct: The Seventh Australian Conference of Celtic
Studies (Sydney, Australia) website at:

16th Oct: 'The End of Roman Britain in the East' (Notingham,England)
website at:

23rd Oct: 'What's New in Roman Scotland' (Glasgow, Scotland) website at: Somewhere on Glasgow university webpage!

29th to 31 Oct: The joint conference of the Prehistoric Ceramics Research
Group and Prehistoric Society (Manchester, England) website at:

13th Nov: 'The End of the Roman North: Roman to Anglo-Saxon in
N.Britain' (York, England) website at: more info
will appear there shortly.

17th to 19th Dec: The 32nd Annual Conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group (Bristol, England) website at:
Research Cooperative
15/12/10 10:43:06AM @chief-admin:

Dear Orlene,

The organisers of these conferences might like to consider using the Research Cooperative network to find editors and reviewers for conference papers, if conference publishing is planned.

Contacting conference organisers about this possibility is something that all Co-op members are welcome to do, on behalf of our network, and for conferences in any discipline.