Mini-report: New Zealand

Research Cooperative
12/05/12 12:05:05PM

New Zealand produces most of the food it consumes, and also exports a huge amount of food to other countries. It is a happy situation for a small country, perhaps, but land prices are now making it almost impossible for new farmers to get started with their own land. Large bundles of farms are being bought up by foreign and multi-national corporations. More people are looking now at what they can do with smaller pieces of land, and this leads naturally in the direction of horticulture and small-scale farming.

The picture from outside looks very pretty, but inside New Zealand there are many concerns about how to maintain various kinds of sovereignity or independence, and how to a create a more sustainable economy.

Here are some links to organisations that are involved, in various ways, with questions related to sustainable economic development:

Inspiring Communities - community-led development

Ministry for the Environment - sustainability initiatives taken by government

OOOOBY - out of our own backyards (local food production and distribution)

Organic NZ - published by the NZ Soil & Health Association

Transition Towns NZ Aotearoa - working towards social resilience

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