Praise (sort of) for humanities and the social sciences

Research Cooperative
17/11/12 12:19:42PM

How can we communicate research effectively? And to what ends?

The following quote is from a short essay by Robert Jensen of Austin, Texas. Please read the full story! Comments here are welcome.

"The university departments where one is most likely to find the culture of sustained critical inquiry we need are in the humanities and the social sciences. These departments -- philosophy, history, literature, sociology, anthropology, as well as ethnic and womens studies -- will vary ideologically depending on time and place, but they offer space from which one can think about challenges to existing systems of power and privilege.

While much excellent and exciting thinking goes on in such settings, too often the way in which that knowledge is framed and communicated guarantees that any insights will not go beyond a narrow scholarly community..."

From: " UT motto modification: What Starts Here...Accelerates Destruction? " ( Risilience , Internet, 17th November 2012)