Ben Nasr Hmed


the life style is a personal philosophy... every one do acts by the way he did thinks correct.
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dr minoo bhagia

sun has never seen darkness

You just shine wherever you are, and all around there will be light. Everybody is born on earth for the purpose of utilizing the awareness that...
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Peter Gluck

the essence of human nature

Dear Peter, My most recent blog writing has a part, the last, about THE ESSENCE OF HUMAN NATURE:...
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Wendy Monaghan Editing Services

Is this an act of futility, utility, or devotion?

My answer to this question depends on whether the act is part of the woman's paid work or something she chooses to do. If it is an act of her own...
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Research Cooperative

Arguing for Wisdom in the University

[Cross-posting: - a recent message from Research Co-op member, Nicolas Maxwell ] [Admin.] This is to let you know that I have just published my...
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