"Vulture Journals"

Research Cooperative
27/12/21 10:39:02AM

In Japan, the term for "predatory journal" is "vulture journal", which is perhaps an insult to vultures, as the birds have an important ecological role.

Predatory journals are especially a concern when sincere but naive scholars publish their work in them, without the benefit of effective review, editing and distribution. There are many genuine low-cost journals that scholars can turn to if they are serious about their research.

On 19th January 2019, the Mainichi Newspaper in Japan published the following article (in Japanese):

Kyoto University urges people to refrain from submitting to inferior (vulture) academic journals


On 27th October 2021, a further article was published about a Ministry of Education survey the extent to which public and private universities have warned their staff and students not to send their work to vulture publishers:

Less than 30% of private universities respond to the problem of vulture journals while 80% of national universities do respond, according to a survey by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology


[Note, I have used the DeepL translation tool to help translate the titles of these articles]