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  • An open letter to the Ronin Institute - is collaboration possible?

    Copy of an open letter to the Ronin Institute (19th December 2021)

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a New Zealander working at the National Museum of Ethnology in Japan. This is where I settled in 1996 after a few years of wandering as a post-doc and self-employed scholar. My experiences of working in Japan led me to create the Research Cooperative in 2001, and the network now has approx. 8,000 members who are largely silent and/or inactive. This is partly because I cannot engage full-time with Co-op members while also working full-time for my museum and my own research. See:


    The Research Cooperative needs collaboration with like-minded organisations and individuals!

    My goal is to make the network self-sustaining as I believe the Research Cooperative will always be needed and useful, if it can achieve the potential I see in it. By self-sustaining a mean in terms of both development of the network and financially. 

    If the network can become more active, then it might attract sponsorships and advertising revenue, or might be of sufficient value to members to attract subscription payments for specific extra services. For example, professional editing or translation companies might be willing to offer discounts to subscribing members.

    The Research Cooperative is a network where novices and professionals involved in all aspects of science communication can gather for mutual benefit.

    Is collaboration between Ronin Institute and the Research Cooperative possible? At a minimum this could be a matter of cross-linking and cross-promotion.

    Best regards, Peter

    Prevalent Medical Translation Services Challenges

    Common Challenges Associated with Medical Translation Services 

    Unlike the several other translation fields, medical translation services is complicated, and there is no scope whatsoever for even the minutest error. First of all, it requires advanced and dedicated skills because translating any medical document is all about precision, accuracy, and clarity. The medical translation becomes even complex because of the different spellings of standard medical terms in various language variants. Besides, there are frustrating abbreviations that vary from one language to another. Not to mention, medical translators face many difficulties understanding a procedure and translating it into an understandable language to the target audience. So, read on to know the common challenges that come with medical translation services:


    Medical technology over the past two decades has evolved tremendously. Many medicines & equipment are manufactured in different countries and then exported to the various parts of the world. Thus, the documents concerning these medicines and equipment have to translate into different languages. Therefore, localization becomes baffling; the translator must understand the home country's culture, where its product is manufactured, and the country where it is exported. 

    Knowledge & Language

    A medical translator must have strong command over the language pair and be equally expert in the medical know-how to establish the brand's authoritative image. Translating a medical document is one heck of a task because many terms include special terms with the exact meaning in other languages. The vertical of medical translation is so unique that even bilingual doctors and nurses don't want to enter the translation world. Only specialist translators with the health of practical industry experience must perform this type of translation to avoid even the minutest mistake, which later proves costly. 

    Target Audience

    Before translating a medical document translation services, the linguist must be very well-aware of the target audience; it is of utter importance.

    For instance, if your translated document is intended for doctors, then the language must be formal, with all the medical terms included in an orderly fashion.

    On the flip side, if the translated document is for the patients, then the language has to be less complex; you've to make an effort to explain the medical terms in a layman's manner.

    No Scope for Errors

    The mistakes in a medical translated document can prove to be costly. The clinical trial can be delayed and even obstruct releasing a drug. The medical translators have to substitute stringent terms such as deaths into a culturally appropriate manner. Word by translation with proper knowledge of the medical terms could be hazardous. 

    Strict Local Compliance

    Medical translators must ensure the documents they translate align with the strict local market standards; they need to stay compliant with the local and international medical translation regulations. Otherwise, your brand has to face legal hassles. Therefore, Vanan Translation each medical translator needs to holistically localize their content into different languages that adhere to target market standards and requirements. 

    Medical Device Translation Services

    One of the biggest challenges associated with medical translation services is under the device thoroughly, like the doctor or nurse using it to deliver accurate medical device translation services. In that regard, the translator has to do many research to enhance medical translation quality. 

     In The End

    It is highly advisable to do research work for hiring a medical translator to efficiently get the job done and combat all these key challenges.


    I have been using Photographers Direct for my own research on the distribution of a certain plant that is sometimes visible in photographs taken in scenic wet locations (especially waterfalls). For me, it is worthwhile to pay the photographer concerned for use rights, because there is little chance I will reach the location myself.

    The company running this service has a good system for photographers based in less wealthy regions of the world.

    In its own words, the company has "pioneered the concept of Fair Trade Stock Photography" This makes the range of photography more interesting than at many commercially-orientated sites. The company currently has 2,302,523stockimages in its search engine.

    Stock photo collections online

    By Research Cooperative, 2021-10-07

    AGPix ( http://www.agpix.com ) - an online community of 350+ image providers, mostly freelance/independent photographers.

    An Amish village ( Amishphoto.com ) - the work of one photographer in one community, over a period of four decades.

    Arctic Photo ( http://www.arcticphoto.com ) - pictures of polar regions, by various photographers who travel frequently to Siberia, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Arctic Scandinavia and Antarctica.

    Buiten-Beeld ( http://www.buiten-beeld.nl/ ) - Dutch nature/outdoor photography; online picture archive with about 100,000 images; best nature photographs by renowned wildlife photographers; young and talented photographers.

    Corbis Corporation ( http://www.corbis.com ) - a comprehensive selection of photography, illustration, footage, typefaces and rights clearance services; based in North America with offices in Europe, Asia, and Pacific.

    Images and Stories ( http://www.imagesandstories.com )- an Istanbul-based agency that supplies feature articles and stock images to magazines, book publishers, and others. Specialists for Turkey, Middle East, and Asia.

    iStockphoto ( http://www.istockphoto.com ) - offers photos, illustrations, video and audio; based in Canada.

    National Geographic Image Collection ( http://www.nationalgeographicstock.com ) - one of the largest online collections, global in scope.

    Our Place ( http://www.ourplaceworldheritage.com ) - photographic records of World Heritage locations registered by UNESCO.

    Photographers Direct ( http://www.photographersdirect.com/ ) , a pioneer of "Fair Trade Stock Photography" ; offers a range of photography more interesting than many commercially-orientated sites ; has more than 2,300,000 stockimages.

    Photo Library Group ( http://www.photolibrary.com ) - represents leading stock brands and photographers around the world; provides access to images, footage, and music.

    Randall Hyman ( http://www.randallhyman.com ) - environment, culture, and travel photos from over three decades, covering natural history and travel topics from Northern Europe to South America to Asia to Africa.

    Tranz International Image Library ( http://www.tranz.co.nz ) - international and New Zealand photography on historical, news, studio, life-style themes.

    The World Heritage Collection (photographic archive)

    By Research Cooperative, 2021-10-07

    There are more than one thousand World Heritage sites recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. These are places of both natural and cultural importance. OUR PLACE in partnership with UNESCO   is building an online photographic archive and interactive website to record these sites. Any photographer can contribute to the project.

    This could be a good model for many kinds of image archiving projects.

    See Our Place - The World Heritage Collection : http://www.ourplaceworldheritage.com/index.cfm

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