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  • Responses to the Research Co-op Newsletter - July 2020

    By Research Cooperative, 2020-07-17

    The Research Cooperative Newsletter is sent out occasionally to all members with the aim of reminding members that our site is still active, and to encourage use of the site, and provide some guidance on how to use the site. Th Newsletter is very much "grey literature" and not very exciting, so we expect a proportion of members to "unsubscribe" and are happy if a measurable number of members read the message.

    In the Admin dashboard, we can see what the response has been (see image below). Any suggestions on how to make our newsletter more interesting are welcome! Thanks.

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    Teaching resources

    By Research Cooperative, 2020-07-09

    This year, 2020, may be the year that online teaching "comes of age", as a matter of necessity following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in 2019 (agent of the COVID19 disease).

    This means many teachers are busy compiling new course materials for online distribution. Here I will add a few links that may be useful. I won't attempt to be comprehensive, nor will I review each item.

    Please join our " science communication " group to tell others about any online teaching resources (and methods) that you find useful.


    UNESCO - distance learning solutions (links for all education levels).


    University of California at Berkeley - Welcome to Evolution 101

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    Welcome in Polish: Witamy w Kooperatywie Badawczej

    By Research Cooperative, 2020-07-04

    The Research Cooperative (Kooperatywie Badawczej) to moderowana sieć społeczna i organizacja non-profit działająca na rzecz doskonalenia komunikacji akademickiej, technicznej i edukacyjnej.

    Nasza międzynarodowa sieć reprezentuje wszystkie dyscypliny naukowe i skupia badaczy, nauczycieli akademickich, studentów, pisarzy, redaktorów, korektorów, tłumaczy, ilustratorów, indeksatorów oraz wydawców.

    Jako "pracownicy nauki" wszyscy potrzebujemy bardziej efektywnej współpracy na rzecz lepszej komunikacji.

    Członkostwo w sieci jest darmowe dla osób prywatnych, organizacji edukacyjnych, jak i dla komercyjnych firm usługowych. Nasza strona internetowa wykorzystuje język angielski, ale członkowie posługujący się innymi językami są mile widziani.

    (translation courtesy Zarzycki Roland, 1 lipca 2020)

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    Academic funding sources

    By Research Cooperative, 2020-06-27

    A research job are one thing, a grant is another -- or maybe not?

    Navigating the the world of research funding is one of the job skills that most researchers need. Employers often explicitly look at fund-raising ability and history when seeking new staff.

    Here is a possible starting point for the study of grants and funding (more will be added as time permits):



    "The mission of Grantome is to use data to drive discovery of new knowledge about scientific research grants." (Grantome website, 27th June, 2020)

    The Research Cooperative and Covid 19

    By Research Cooperative, 2020-06-23

    I'm concerned that, globally, not enough efforts have been made to let most people know what viruses are and how we can protect ourselves and our communities from Covid 19 and economic damage -- now and in the future. Such efforts are just as important as collecting and providing the information on how and where the pandemic is expanding or retreating.

    Despite all sincere efforts, perfectly accurate and complete informaion cannot be expected. Presenting the information we do have is done very well here:


    A good public-health service and the economy are not either/or options. We need both: one supports the other.

    It also helps to know how, why and where disinformation is created. UNESCO has published a report on this very recently, with the following cover note:

    " Access to reliable and accurate information is critical at the best of times, but during a crisis such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it can be a matter of life and death ".




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