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    The video is an informal introduction to the aims of the Research Cooperative

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    Research Cooperative
    13/09/21 06:24:10PM @chief-admin:

    No submissions were received.

    This contest was not adequately prepared or promoted, but the concept may be useful in some way for others in the future.

    PJM (2021)

    Research Cooperative
    08/09/21 09:45:29AM @chief-admin:

    Hi Carolina,

    Thanks for joining.

    Members can make their interests known to others by:

    • adding information to the profile page,
    • advertising in the relevant Services message board, and
    • joining any topic focus groups and posting there.

    That's the idea at least. But most people are passive members, so very little happens, despite the fact that we have thousands of members.

    Personally I have made some very good connections through the network, including  a researcher in Bangladesh who helped me greatly as a research collaborator when I did fieldwork in his country. For me, the value of that one connection made the entire cost of setting up and managing the network worthwhile!


    Jalampur quilt, Bangladesh


    Research Cooperative
    29/07/21 09:22:21AM @chief-admin:

    Dear EI,

    Thanks for joining. Nice logo!

    Best regards, Peter (Admin., Research Co-op)

  • The Research Cooperative @ Youtube

    Live from the office of the network creator in 2013, Osaka, Japan. Camera: iPad. Music courtesy Wikimedia Commons