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    The video is an informal introduction to the aims of the Research Cooperative

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    Research Cooperative
    24/09/22 09:47:51PM @chief-admin:

    Hi June...

    Thanks for joining.

    To see an example of what an actively developed profile looks like, please see: Purnell

    He is a professional illustrator and uses the profile page to advertise his work.

    David R. Purnell, MA, AMI
    25/09/22 06:27:48AM @david-r-purnell-ma-ami:

    Peter Matthews (@chief-admin), thank you for referring new member Juneday to my profile — as a good example of "an actively developed profile."
    Best wishes to you,

    Zuber, Richard
    20/07/22 12:50:17AM @zuber-richard:

    Ew has an (only one) exchange of posts. It was a long, long, time ago. How did things change since?


  • The Research Cooperative @ Youtube

    Live from the office of the network creator in 2013, Osaka, Japan. Camera: iPad. Music courtesy Wikimedia Commons