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    28/02/21 12:56:21PM @chief-admin:

    Dear Dr Toledo Silva,

    The anthropology museum where I work in Japan has started a new multimedia journal called Trajectoria.

    See: https://trajectoria.minpaku.ac.jp/

    It is still very young as a journal. The main editor is a film maker/anthropologist: Itsushi KAWASE



    Best regards, Peter

    Xera Med
    26/02/21 02:44:54AM @xera-med:

    Yeah, that's a very interesting thing on which we have to do some work because it'll very helpful for us. we should use our expertise to share their experience with others. We have a lot of websites that are doing research work but we should do something different and innovative so that we can help others in a much better way. 

    Research Cooperative
    20/02/21 04:29:45PM @chief-admin:

    I wonder if the physical globe and the human figure could be interpreted as the epigenetic factors of physical environment and parent cell that modify expression of the DNA that we each inherit?

    Even in the most natural of circumstances we are entangled with the world around us. That is the view taken by those looking at "extended evolution".

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