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Today there is increasing interest towards doing research for academic upliftment and career development but there should be applications of the research to uplifting society. Particularly new technology needs to be spread from lab to the field so that the yield and economy of the farmers is increased - and particularly the agricultural universities and research institutions should publish all their innovative research for the benefit of society.


There should be better collaboration and coordination between govt and research institutions. For example, periodically once in a month they should sit together and think over their aims.


[With minor editing by Co-op Admin. - I hope you don't mind]

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Comment by Merlin Franco F on January 11, 2011 at 12:32
Hmm...this has been talked about much in India..most 'new technologies' produced in India by technical universities are meant for the corporate well wouldnt be wise to accept all of is a complex cite an instance, A friend of mine is working on a 'product' to control t-loopers in tea..however, we all know that tea loopers can be easily controlled by spraying chilli water... sadly, ver few researchers are directed towards social problems...our society has to realise expertise irrespective of the person from which it comes...unfortunately, we tend to accept only persons above 50 years of age as an expert in his field of study...let us design researches aimed at solving problems of the society and not to produce research papers and then look at a potential area of application...

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Comment by Peter J. Matthews on January 9, 2011 at 8:38

In New Zealand, in the 1980s-1990s, an attempt to decentralize government research and increase collaboration between government research institutes and universities was hijacked and turned into a privatization program - in a country with a very small economy and few industries big enough to fund their own research on the same scale that could be achieved by well-organized government institutions. But there have been adjustments and improvements in the system for public funding of research, and not all the changes have been bad. It is really difficult to balance the rresources available for research with the need to be socially useful, the need to support new as well as existing industries, and the need to support a general culture of learning, innovation, respect for useful traditions, and public service. 


I wonder if any areas or large cities of India have been more outstanding in - say- provincial government support for public research?

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