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Location: Osaka
Work interests: physics
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Location: Osaka, Japan
Work: Applied physics Publish
Biographical: I have an experience of publishing. I've written a textbook which will be used in technical high school. In Japan, Every textbooks are required to screen by the ministry of education. I've already got the approval from the ministry. The last year was for the screening. This year is for selection of textbooks by boards of education. So I can compose educational books. I'm glad if such my ability would be helpful for someone.

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Research Cooperative
19/05/12 11:56:44PM @chief-admin:

Dear Akira,

For the RC Osaka City University group, I have prepared a page to introduce OCU Publishing .

Information on communication by the university is difficult to find!

I would be grateful for any advice you can offer about this page.

Thanks, P.

Research Cooperative
17/05/12 10:17:40PM @chief-admin:

Hi... yes. Auckland city is built on a large number of old extinct volcanoes. The most recent one is about 600 years old and is in Auckland harbour. The were basalt volcanoes that produced a lot of lava and threw gobs of heavy liquid lava into the air. We used to find the old lava bombs in our garden.


ps Here is an idea: to make university focus groups inside our network. This might encourage more people to invite people they know to join. Can we make a group page for Osaka City University?

Research Cooperative
17/05/12 09:33:22PM @chief-admin:

Dear Akira,

You can delete comments any time, including this picture I want to show you - from the peak of my artistic career in 1976... a house near my home in Auckland NZ. The stone wall is made from rocks off the small volcano (Mt Albert) where the house was built. Some of the rocks have a nice twist because they were still soft, and spinning, as they came out of the volcano.



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