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Location: Nepal
Work interests: Editorial
Affiliation/website: PSD-Nepal
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: a(dot)pandey@psdnepal(dot)edu(dot)np
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Research Cooperative
26/11/18 10:32:28PM @chief-admin:

Dear Ambika (@psd-nepal, @govinda-bhandari),

Members of this network can address messages and comments to multiple people at the same time, using a @profile-url hot-link anywhere in the message (this is often the same as the profile username, if the username is written without a space).

e.g. Profile name = Chief Admin  Profile URL = chief-admin  (unless maunally changed)

Hot-link for cross posting = @Chief-Admin  or @chief-admin  (case insensitive)

If all members of the writing course join, then they can keep contact with other course members after the course by keeping a list of usernames/profile URLs.

Apparently this is similar to Twitter, which I do not use.

If you click on the search button at top right, and use psd-nepal as a search term, a profile for the NPO should be listed in the search results. That profile page is currently on an account managed by Govinda.

Best regards


Research Cooperative
26/11/18 06:39:56PM @chief-admin:

Dear Ambika,

Thanks very much for joining. Please ask me questions about using the site at any time.



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