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Al Sabado
29/11/11 09:29:02PM @al-sabado:

Dear Amos,

My apologies, I don't recall responding to your question here last April. You probably know the answer by now, and Peter must have addressed it already. I wish I knew the "essence" related to your question. :) What I know is that content is most important and publishing matters follow. Perhaps, you'll find an online publishing likeIssuuinteresting for a start.



Research Cooperative
14/09/11 10:10:58PM @chief-admin:

Hi Amos,

I posted a request for help with finding a copy of "Publishing Law" here:

We can't expect any quick response, but who knows? Maybe the author himself will reply!

Best regards, Peter

Research Cooperative
08/04/11 06:29:12AM @chief-admin:

Dear Amos,

It would be great if you can raise questions about publishing on our page for publishing and production - we have quite a few members in that group, so you might get some feedback there.

Thanks... Peter (Admin.)

Al Sabado
11/03/11 05:54:00PM @al-sabado:
Hi Amos, thanks for the invitation. Welcome to The Research Cooperative! :)


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