About the Research Cooperative

Welcome to the Research Cooperative. [See this page in all languages].

Our network was established in 2001 and is managed as a not-for-profit organisation (NPO). For more history, see background article in: English, Chinese, French.

Our aim is to promote contact and effective working relationships among:

  • researchers, graduate research students, science writers, teachers, editors, proofreaders, translators, illustrators, publishers, and
  • all others involved in research communication, technical communication, and the preparation of educational materials.

Our website provides forums with offers and requests for help with writing and publishing in all languages, for all media, topics and countries, and for volunteer to fully-paid services.

We do not conduct financial transactions for communication-related services. All negotiations regarding offers and requests (volunteer or professional) are the responsibility the members concerned. Members are invited to make a voluntary subscription payment, or a donation for network maintenance and development, but there is no obligation to do so.

The Research Cooperative welcomes:

  • individual volunteers, learners, experienced specialists, and professionals,   and
  • language-service companies, research institutions, academic societies, academic publishers, and educational publishers generally.

After joining, please explore the main menu tabs and subtabs, your profile settings, and the forums to become familiar with how the network is organised.

We have many forums and groups for different purposes. In the group, The Podium (calling all members), you can introduce yourself, explain reasons for joining, ask questions about the website and network, and suggest improvements. See also our FAQ.