Group Pages Archive

Group Pages Archive

This archive contains group pages from groups that have been discontinued, or other pages that are no longer displayed in their original location within the network. Most are from our former Ning-hosted site.

Some of these pages contain information that may be useful for future reference. Others that have no value will be deleted eventually, as time permits.

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Group Pages

Co-op Diary 2015
About the Research Cooperative
Copyright and Terms of Service (archived ca. 2012)
Co-op Diary Archive
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(archive) My Page --> My Country
(archive) "All groups home" page
Favourite publications - agriculture
Backup - Topic index-B 21-12-12
Backup - Topic index-A 21-12-12
Backup - Language index 28-10-12
Backup - City index 28-10-12
Atomz advanced search - test page
My university
Co-op cross links
Websites of note
Journals of note
Site map (old version, 2013)
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Our favourite sites
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Media guide
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Member organisations
Notes on Volunteering
University list
Journal archives
Associations and networks
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Networks of Note
Research Co-op at Wordpress
'My language' groups
Country priorities
Our supporters
We support... (outreach from the Research Cooperative)
The Advertising Page
'My country' groups
Backup - Country index 28-10-12
Administration and Moderation
Administrative roles
Co-op Diary 2014
Instructions (authors & readers)
Further details
Agents and networking assistants
Our invitation letter in 'Simplified Chinese'
Answer survey
Out invitation letter in "Traditional Chinese"
Member interests
Book list