Listed at Administration support, and here below, are most of the people, companies, and organisations that have helped us build the Research Cooperative in small or large ways. These include contributions of: advice, encouragement, suggestions, criticism, translations, promotion, content, moderation, administration, financial support, moral support, and practical support [Last updated 29.1.2014].

If you believe that your name should be added to this list please contact me at any time (PJM, Admin). I may have overlooked many contributors, and would welcome reminders! My intention here is to be as inclusive as possible.

Note: Initials and surnames are given when known; otherwise 'user names' are given. Surnames may sometimes be confused with personal names (corrections are requested).

Long-term and current: Cactus Communications, Japan Times, National Museum of Ethnology (Japan), PJ Matthews


Sam Bradford (Administration)


Julia Schumann (Co-op planning discussions)

Medlist International


A Kumar (Researchers group).

Y-F Wu (Chinese language page)

Medlist International


I Ahmed, S Aki, CO Akintayo, A Alani , Anon., Asamissimo, M Bhagia, SR Bello, M Callaghan, S Canim, P Chirinos, Christine, E Comedis, EMM Costa, B Dorman, E Emanova, A Goel, S Hamada, N Hiraishi, S Ikuta, L Karssies, R Kohno, SC Komor, J Kruth, C Lensink, W MacClatchey, O Mcilfatrick, JB Matthews, PJ Matthews, T Mathias, JD May, YA Misau, D Niles, TH Nguyen, TMH Nguyen, D Purnell, M Rais, Renehorn, N Respati, A Sabado, FA Samson, L Shen, M Smith, SB Subhashchandra, A Skeet, E Tabuchi, J Tae, E Takei, S Tamura, L Tian, GME-S El Qot, K Viglas, M Yotova.

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