Seeking: volunteers with understanding and good communication skills

Research Cooperative
10/08/10 09:44:38PM
Volunteers do not need to give lots of time to the Research Cooperative. What we need most are volunteers who understand the aims of the Research Cooperative, and who can explain our website and network to others. Each volunteer can make their own decisions about how to support the Research Cooperative - and do not necessarily have to tell us what they doing, if they can act independently and responsibly.

For example: Any member is welcome to give greetings and welcome messages to other members. This is a form of volunteer work that can be very helpful, if the messages are meaningful, sincere, and sent in a way that does not discourage new members.

No permission is needed from the Co-op administrator(s), but advice can be requested, and of course, we are happy to know if you would like to offer such help...

...and there are many other ways that volunteers can help.

Future postings in this forum will suggest other ways. Meanwhile, replies to this message and enquires sent direct to the author are always welcome.

(Peter, Admin., Kyoto)
Elizabeth Gormley
13/08/10 10:31:16AM @elizabeth-gormley:
I have just discovered this volunteer group, thank you for initiating it. I think this could be really valuable, these collaborations can create effective results.
13/08/10 02:48:00AM @ammara:
so true ,,,,, " if you can learn to luv the pain" ..not that im a sadist ;)
Research Cooperative
11/08/10 09:36:10AM @chief-admin:
Thanks Orlene,I hope it helps as diversion therapy for the agony of writing a PhD thesis - but I hope you can learn to love the pain as well!Cheers, Peter
Orlene Mcilfatrick
10/08/10 10:47:37PM @orlene-mcilfatrick:
Happy to give some time etc, always plugging the Research co-op to friends/colleagues as it is!