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    By Research Cooperative, 2015-03-13

    Welcome to the Research Cooperative

    Our forums and groups have been created to foster mutal support and collaboration in the world of academic, scientific, technical and educational communication.

    Exploration, knowledge creation, and wise use of knowledge are serious matters. Let's enjoy some friendly cooperation along the way.

    We welcome researchers, teachers, students, science writers, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, translators, publishers, and others. Authors may seek volunteer or professional help. Editors, translators and other service providers may offer volunteer help to gain experience. Professional services can also be offered. For further details, see Documentation.

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    All members must be approved by an administrator or other moderator. The following membership types are available:

    Regular Member. This is free. A user name, brief self-description, active email address, and password are required.

    Shopfront. In return for a small subscription fee, we can offer tools to display a business profile and manage online financial transactions. We do not charge any commission for transactions. This may suit individuals or small teams who do not otherwise have an online shopfront, or existing companies that can benefit from being on the same street as others involved in scientific communication.

    Volunteer. This category is for members who would like to help the Research Cooperative develop. We require writers, moderators, commentators, and more. Please enquire, or join our open volunteer group here.

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