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    Maintaining this network requires continuous voluntary effort by the site creator, in addition to monthly payments for hosting, and occasional payments for site development and promotion.

    Your help with costs would be much appreciated (see further notes below)

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    Note 1: The Research Cooperative is not a formally registered NPO and cannot offer tax deductions. The network is independent, with no institutional support.  Voluntary donations will be sent to a private Paypal "merchants account" managed by the site owner, and will be used solely for the purpose of supporting the Research Cooperative. PayPal will convert your account currency to an amount equivalent to the Euro amount shown in the form.

    Approximate conversions: 2 Euro = USD 2.4, AUD 3.0, Indian RUP 150, NZD 3.2, Yen 260, and Yuan 16 (see our Cash Toolkit for current rates).

    Note 2:   If you do not want any personal acknowledgment, please indicate "no reply needed" or similar. An automatic acknowledgment should be received from PayPal.

    Note 3:  If you are a registered member, I will attempt to send a personal acknowledgment (but won't if "no reply" is indicated).

    Note 4:  If any issues arise, please contact Peter Matthews by email at any time: researchcooperative-at-gmail-dot-com.

    All help is appreciated. We run on a shoestring, and the road is rocky.

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