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  • Science communication journals

    By Research Cooperative, 2022-10-24

    Journals and magazines that cover "science communication" in all its diversity may be of interest to many members of our network. When I come across such publications, I would like to list them here.

    Journal of Science Communication (JComm) (Sissa Medialab)

    Science Communication: Linking Theory and Practice (Sage Publishing)

    SWIPE SciComm (Animate Your Science)

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    Science Communication magazine: SWIPE SciComm

    By Research Cooperative, 2022-10-23

    SWIPE SciComm has been announced as "the world's first science communication magazine" (as an online publication at least). Here is a slightly edited version of the original posting to the PCST listserver:

    Introducing SWIPE SciComm 💥

    https://mobimag.co/swipescicomm/i1/1 ...
    My team and I realised there was not a single science communication magazine out there, so  we  decided to create one!

    Since it's 2022, and we don't like to cut down trees for paper or burn fuel to ship it, we made it mobile first. It's a new kind of magazine that you can read on your phone without downloading any apps simply by swiping and scrolling. 

    You have to try it, it's easy and addictive!
    In this issue you'll find:
    - An interview with  
    scientist turned film-maker  Dr   Randy Olson   (his books are compulsory reading here at AYS!)

    - A climate communications-focused piece by  Dr  Simon Torok , founder and co-director of Scientell.
    - A fantastic tutorial on how to easily create 3D art with Adobe Illustrator by  Dr   Khatora Opperman
    - And much  much more.

    Oh and before I forget, the magazine is FREE and always will be.
    Now click below  and SWIPE for SciComm!

    Dr Tullio Rossi

    Director @ Animate Your Science

    Editor of SWIPE SciComm

    UBIAI’s NLP Labeling Tool

    By ubiaitools, 2022-10-20
    UBIAI’s NLP Labeling Tool

    Advancements in the technology field have made an enormous difference in how businesses used to operate, and the advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies are no exception. These technologies have surely become a topic of debate- what changes they will bring to any workplace. Businesses that have mastered the art of implementing these technologies in their business are surely ahead of the competitive curve.

    Especially, when it comes to training the machine learning algorithms, the right data labeling, and text annotation tool becomes an utmost necessity. This is where UBIAI comes into play.

    Data labeling is a crucial part of training the NLP models to ensure that they mimic the ability of humans to generate or understand speech. With NLP labeling tools, you can add subtitles or labels to raw data to add meaning and context. Thus, this data will be used to train the NLP models for making predictions and understanding speech.

    UBIAI is offering text annotation and NLP labeling solutions to help your business marketing approaches be understandable, and your accessibility becomes smart.

    Benefits of Using NLP Labeling Tools

    • The NLP labeling tools can help businesses become recognizable through speech over smart devices. Small business teams that demand faster iterations can use the dedicated tool to automate and speed up the entire NLP process.

    • NLP labeling tool has many features that can eventually trail your NLP models. It will help your customers find your business easily through their smart devices, potentially improving their satisfaction quotient.

    • NLP labeling tool allows for text analysis on all manner of documents, internal systems, emails, online reviews, and social media data. It processes huge amounts of data in just seconds or minutes which would normally take days or weeks in manual analysis.

    • Humans are prone to mistakes while performing repetitive tasks. Like reading and analyzing the open-ended survey responses and text data. NLP-powered tools can be trained to the process of your business. Once you have on-board them. They perform much more accurately than humans. You can also modify and proceed to train models as the language of your business.

    Stop Searching! Start Integrating with UBIAI

    UBIAI has the best NLP tagging tool to help fulfill your industry-specific needs on optimizing raw data to make it understandable. Most businesses might need these tools for streamlining data annotation and labeling needs.

    So, get in touch with UBIAI today, and check out the website ubiai.tools to learn more about our tools or avail them.

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    One of the criteria for a successful marriage and relationship is compatibility. Yet you find a few marriages work without a strong bond between the couples. The partners put on with each other and carry on the toxic relationship. They may have a compulsion not to break their marriage. But being a part of a marriage of convenience devoid of love and compassion takes a toll on the partners for sure. There may be quarrels continuing every other day that can damage the home atmosphere, affecting other family members too. Such a situation is indeed distressing. If you happen to meet such a couple, you can recommend them to a reputed specialist in couples therapy in palm beach county or their town. It will be significant in improving their marital bonding.

    Improve Bonding Via Consulting Sessions

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    Therapy Helps You Think Positively

    Then when things go out of hand, you may not be able to cope; it would be prudent to consult one of the top-rated therapists in palm beach county. You will get some relief after a few sessions with a professional. You can talk things out and get the things that bother you out of your system. You can now overcome the negative thoughts and start to think positively. This relief will indeed improve your health and bring explicit changes in your life. You will be able to manage things well after therapy. You can consult professionals from https://www.therapistinwestpalmbeach.com/ at any time you feel low.


    Original Source: https://bit.ly/3ynC9Bi

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    Gardens - academic, aesthetic and practical perspectives

    By Research Cooperative, 2022-10-13

    People do care about gardens and plants, and they are are rich topic for historical and practical study. Many stories are embedded in them.

    Here are some non-academic gardening websites that I like:



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