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  • Reading in 2023

    By Research Cooperative, 2024-02-12
    Reading in 2023

    Enjoyed reading:

    Bond, R. (2018) Memories of Hills and Dales. Rupa, New Delhi. (Short stories).

    Kawabata, Y. and Inoue, Y. (1974) The Izu Dancer and Other Stories. Tuttle, Hong Kong. (Short Stories).

    Iyengar, S. (2010) The Art of Choosing. Hachette, New York. (Non-fiction).

    Lahiri, J. (2003) The Namesake. Houghton Mifflin, Boston and New York (Novel).

    Lansing, A. (2014) Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage. Basic Books, New York. (Non-fiction).

    Nestor, J. (2020) Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. Penguin Life, International. (Non-fiction)

    Paabo, Svante 2014) Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes. Basic Books, New York. (Non-fiction).

    Padura, L. (2008) Havana Gold. Bitter Lemon Press, London. (Detective novel set in Cuba, translated from Spanish).

    Pascoe, B. (2018). Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia and the birth of agriculture. Scribe, Melbourne and London. (Non-fiction, but see Sutton and Walshe, 2021, below).

    Ramaswamy, S. (2022) The Tamarind Tree. Amazon Crossing (Novel, transl. of 1966 Tamil original).

    Rao, N. (2023). A Disappearance in Fiji. London and Sydney, Echo. (Novel/historical fiction).

    Rovelli, C. (2019) The Order of Time. Penguin, International. (Non-fiction).

    Sutton, P. and K. Walshe (2021). Farmers or Hunter-Gatherers? The Dark Emu Debate. Melbourne University Press, Carlton. (Non-fiction).

    Zama, F. (2009) The Marriage Bureau for Rich People. Berkley Publishing, New York. (Novel).

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    War in Tigray Exacerbates Humanitarian Crisis of Famine

    By Ashenafi Manaye Demissie, 2024-02-08

    The horrific war in Tigray has greatly impacted Tigray, exacerbating the famine crisis and leaving the Tigray communities vulnerable. The conflict has severely disrupted the farmers' resilience and ability to sustain themselves. Their crops have been systematically looted, burned, and rendered useless, while their livestock have been mercilessly killed and harmed. Additionally, essential farm tools have been deliberately destroyed, further crippling their ability to cultivate. The community has faced restrictions that prevent them from carrying out necessary agricultural activities like plowing, and access to vital agricultural resources has been intentionally denied. These deliberate actions have resulted in the deliberate starvation of the Tigray communities.

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    Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development: https://www.iau-hesd.net/

    International Association of Universities: https://www.iau-aiu.net/

    United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO): https://www.unesco.org

    World Higher Education Database: https://www.whed.net/

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    Taro story published in National Geographic magazine

    By Research Cooperative, 2023-07-14

    Today I received a link to a new a newly published story in National Geographic magazine.

    Title: "How taro is eaten around the world" (11th July, 2023; 7 minute read)

    The author, Abigail Bassett (an independent journalist and writer based in California) sent me this note:

    "Thanks again for your time a few weeks ago for my story on Taro. The piece is now live on National Geographic, here. 

    Below: White heron feeding on wildlife in a rice pond next to taro (PJM: Kyoto 13th. July 2023). Taro/rice pondfields in Japan still support some snails, frogs and small fish, though much biodiversity has been lost with the intensive use of herbicides and pesticides. In Southeast Asia, the cultivated wetlands are still a source of many wild foods (including fish and edible wild taros that are cooked and eaten together).


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    Best graphic design company in India

    By Work Looper, 2023-07-01

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