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    Search for groups using keywords here  or use the groups tag cloud . Any visitor can visit groups, but please join our network to join a group (see "Create account" button above). After login as a Research Cooperative member, joining any group is easy: Use the " Join Group " button at the top of every Group page. New groups can be proposed by any member (please contact Admin: pjm [at] researchcooperative.org). The pages provided for different groups have different functions enabled, depending on the purpose of each group.

    The Podium (an open group for all members)

    NOTE: following the links are mostly inactive while we gradually reorganize the site (July 2022)

    Country groups - Meet people in a country focus group. Highlighted groups:

    Research Co-op Aotearoa NZ    Research Co-op Brazil

    Research Co-op Japan

    City focus groups - to help start or manage a group for a particular city,  please post a proposal on the Podium

    Topic  - Meet people with related interests. Our most popular focus groups are here.

    University - Meet people in the university focus group of your choice.

    University focus groups - if you would like to help start or manage a group for a particular university,  please post a proposal on the Podium

    Language - Focus groups for languages other than English. 

    Service communities   - Meet authors, editors & proofreaders, translators, illustrators, publishers, and others.

    Publishing - focus groups for practical aspects of scientific and educational publishing, production and copyright.

    Research Co-op bloggers - for members who blog or read blogs.

    Research Co-op support  -  Research Cooperative Review, Tips for Networking, Topical Notes, Volunteers, International Board of Advisors, and other activities related to development and operation of our network.

    This sign made sense in a Kyoto subway.

    Here it means "look left at the links!"

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