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    The video is an informal introduction to the aims of the Research Cooperative

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    Research Cooperative
    07/03/20 06:27:47PM @chief-admin:


    Thanks very much for joining us. I hope our network will be useful for you. Please explore!

    Best regards, Peter (Admin)

    Research Cooperative
    05/03/20 10:13:53PM @chief-admin:


    Found lots of good pics on your website, but wonder if you have any examples of creative advertising related to tertiary education, educational publishers, and the academic world generally?

    I'm always hoping for inspiration that will make our Research Cooperative network more attractive for researchers, editors, translators and publishers!

    Thanks, Peter (Admin)

    05/03/20 04:27:36PM @kinexmedia:

    Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy in which a company uses surprise and unconventional interactions in order to promote products and services. It is a type of publicity. When marketers use unconventional tactics to get maximum results and to counter BIG competitors, its called Guerrilla Marketing.

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    Live from the office of the network creator in 2013, Osaka, Japan. Camera: iPad. Music courtesy Wikimedia Commons