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    22/10/20 11:41:49PM @chief-admin:

    Some plants with flowers have been collected and sit in a tray behind the paper maker. Petals and leaves can be added to the paper for decoration.

    Research Cooperative
    16/10/20 08:24:04PM @chief-admin:


    This article and book from the museum where I work may be good background for your work. The link below is to Researchgate where you can download the article. The full volume should be accessible at: https://www.minpaku.ac.jp/publications. If you have any problem with access, please let me know.

    • In: Maritime Institutions in the Western Pacific
    • Publisher: National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka
    • Editors: Keneth Ruddle and Akimichi Tomoya

    Best regards, Peter

    Paula Dully Raqeukai
    14/10/20 06:36:07PM @paula-dully-raqeukai:

    Currently engaged with my research on the compensation valuation of customary foreshore fishing grounds, case studies in the Republic of Fiji at Lincoln University, Christchurch, NZ

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    Live from the office of the network creator in 2013, Osaka, Japan. Camera: iPad. Music courtesy Wikimedia Commons