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    Prabhakar G
    30/05/20 12:57:18PM @prabhakar-g:
    I wish to do journal publication work in the field of control systems, robotics,cyber physical systems and embedded systems.  contact me at gprabhakar2488@gmail.com
    Research Cooperative
    30/05/20 11:36:57AM @chief-admin:

    Hi Danny,

    Last night my wife and I began watching a 1967 film based on a novel by Thomas Hardy: "Far from the Madding Crowd". Central to the plot is the attempt by a young woman to manage an English sheep farm she has inherited (in the 19th century).

    She and most of her workers are in despair when their sheep all get the staggers from feeding on some very weedy-looking, long pasture.

    The sheep are saved when hero of the movie arrives on horseback with metal spike and proceeds to stab each sheep in the belly to release the gas (with a long cinematic hiss!).

    If you know the movie, did the makers actually induce staggers in the sheep?

    Can you identify the plant causing this reaction in the field shown in the movie?

    This film made before the age of CG special effects...


    16/05/20 04:14:09PM @dannyflores:

    We have just redressed up our two major portal websites that aim for the benefit of our valuable readers that serve out our: Info-Paks (R) with valuable correspondence of current interest at "SkyeBlue", whitepapers/ techdocs, reprints of v. peer-reviewed papers, hard/soft bound editions recent and occasional monograph publications under imprint, and our on-going and current publications from academe and the biotech industry at: www.skyeblueorganization.com (our professional communications company registered web page outlets with the Skye Blue Organization (SBO) published through the Human Molecular Genetics www.hum-molgen.de portal (FRG) and our web content provider, D. A. Flores together with a giftshop outlet there) and the imprint co.'s portal for digital marketing at: www.skyebluepublications.ca. The items are all for sale thru these web outlet portals. We accept banquers cheques with membership that are by donation only or are free with our compliments.

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