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    Patrick Jones
    11/02/20 03:51:54PM @patrick-jones:
    This is one of my recent articles - Mindfulness Training: Can It Create Superheroes (Offsite URL Removed)  
    Research Cooperative
    09/02/20 06:59:14PM @chief-admin:

    Dear Georgios,

    Thanks very much.

    I hope it really is simple, as I made the site. But what seems simple to me might not seem simple to everyone.

    I am working on a different version of the site (just a draft at this stage) that I would like to make more simple!

    The site is professional in terms of the aims, but technically I am not completely happy with it. There will always be room for improvement.

    Feedback (and support) from users is always welcome.

    Best regards, Peter (Admin.)

    08/02/20 10:31:00AM @dannyflores:

    Hi Dr./Prof. PJ Matthews, I just got word that a relative/colleague of a friend in agri-food here from Canada is on his way to Vietnam (despite the coronavirus outbreak) to consult on their piggery production methods (including the recent swine flu outbreak from Vietname which spread to my home country of the Philippines?) and she told me that as a precaution he was taking protective masks with him to wear just in case and staying away from eating certain meats (like porc?). Do you have any related topics on notes or papers to share with me regards feeding green fodders to pigs as a protective measure against hind gut disorders/infections? Is this serving as a natural hygienic measure? I would very much like to hear more about your notes and field research to be included possibly in a book (the second in the two-volume set together with the first 2nd edition book mentioned earlier) related to ligno-cellulosic feedstock research in livestock, in this case with finishing swine and growing piglets. Thnks. again for the opportunity to avail of this resource (portal website) on the Internet. Sincerely, Mr. D. FloresCoop Member. 

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