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    The video is an informal introduction to the aims of the Research Cooperative

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    Research Cooperative
    28/10/22 09:30:43PM @chief-admin:
    Thanks for joining. Please try posting an offer of help for any editing work you would like to offer! Best regards, Peter (Admin, Kyoto)
    Research Cooperative
    26/10/22 01:44:18PM @chief-admin:

    Dear Lenny,

    Thanks very much for joining. Voice over services may be very useful for the development of online educational materials. If you wish, please give links to any examples of such work by you or your company.

    Best regards, Peter (Admin.)

    Research Cooperative
    23/10/22 09:59:57AM @chief-admin:

    Please tell us more about your company!

    I am interested in how IT services can support academic organisations and science communication.

    Thanks, Peter (Admin.)

  • The Research Cooperative @ Youtube

    Live from the office of the network creator in 2013, Osaka, Japan. Camera: iPad. Music courtesy Wikimedia Commons