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Work: ethnobotany, prehistory, museum curation
Affiliations: 1996-present: National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka. 1995: Freelance editor, Kyoto. 1994: JSPS Research Visitor, Kyoto University, Kyoto. 1993: Research Visitor, Australian National University, Canberra. 1991: Visiting Researcher, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka.1990: STA Fellow, National Institute for Ornamental Plants, Vegetables, and Tea (NIVOT), Ano, Japan
Contact: National Museum of Ethnology, Senri Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka, Japan 565-8511
Biographical: Established the Research Cooperative in 2001
Favourite Publications: Various

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For any questions or issues, please contact Dr Peter Matthews (founder and site administrator, in Japan) by email (researchcooperative-at-gmail-dot-com) or use our CONTACT FORM


The Research Cooperative was founded in 2001...

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"Chung, K., Kuo, W., Hsu, Y. et al. Molecular recircumscription of Broussonetia (Moraceae) and the identity and taxonomic status of B. kaempferi var...."
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"The Beaten Bark Paper Project (2018-2019) was supported by the Mishima Foundation, Japa, and continues here. Principle investigators were: Isamu Sakamoto..."
Beaten bark paper - daluwang and amate
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Enjoyed watching a soccer friendly between Japan and Venezuela on TV today. It was a good match for lower-ranked Japan, and a draw at the end. But other news from Venezuela is what concerns me...



David R. Purnell, MA, AMI
29/01/17 05:08:28AM @david-r-purnell-ma-ami:

Hello Peter!
Congratulations on this new site! It looks great, is well organized, and easy to navigate.

Michele lesure
14/01/16 01:56:56AM @michele-lesure:
Thank you for your thoughtful letter introducing me to the Research Cooperative. I see that you have experience in archeology; I have experience from a field school and a couple of digs for private companies. Thank you once again for your hospitality and look forward to sharing resources.
Isam Eldin H. Elgailani
03/12/15 06:43:00PM @isam-eldin-h-elgailani:

Dear Peter J. Matthews

How are you. Thank you very much for joining me to this respect group . I sure will get more benefits from it by discussing our topic with each other regarding chemical research.

Regards and Best wishes

Dr. Isam Eldin Elgailani

19/08/15 06:16:31PM @sagnaa:

Dear peter

I have completed my MSc in botany From Madras Christian College,Chennai.I have done a work on the ethnomedicinal Knowledge of Kattunaika Tribes of Wayanad in Kerala District.Now am working as a Junior Research Fellow in Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden Research institute,Plaode. Am very much interested in Ethnobotanical works and want to do my best to the real heroes of the nature,and thereby for the betterment of my society.I would also like to do Phd in ethnobotany related field, in abroad.But for me financial is a problem but have enough willpower and determination.So i would like you to suggest me any possible ways to achieve my goal.

Thank you

Beniam Tadesse Abdissa
27/05/15 01:42:30AM @beniam-tadesse-abdissa:

Dear Peter

Thanks for your question.I did a thesis related to copolymerization and electrocatalysis while i was at a graduate school and I want to participate in any activity or update myself with information related fields such as polychemistry, etc.



Nopparat Thepthepa
11/05/15 07:25:19PM @nopparat-thepthepa:

Dear Peter,

I'm at Osaka, Ibaraki campus. Thank you for your suggestionconcerning my research theme. If it is ok forstudents from other universities to use the library at MINPAKU then I will go there sometimes. You are also welcome to our university.



Jonathan Rankin
05/05/15 02:51:52PM @jonathan-rankin:

Dear Peter,

Thank you for getting in contact. I am still navigating how this site works but would be most happy to meet up with some like minded thinkers to discuss anything 'island' research related! I'm in Auckland and my email address is

Kind regards,


Arvind Mishra
17/02/15 11:34:25PM @arvind-mishra:

Dear Peter,

Your observations are correct insofar as state of science publishing in India is concerned.It has been a long time since I left active research in biology and now more inclined to popularization/communication of science in India.These days more interested in developing modules for science popularization for masses. Besides I am serving in state govt as Chief Executive in Fisheries department and have been given the task of imparting technological knowledge to fish farmers under lab to land programme. . I would definitely like to explore this website from time to time despite my busy schedules.

Svetlana Veselova
30/09/14 04:17:21PM @svetlana-veselova:

Dear Prof. Matthews, your proposal to take part in session 'Archaeology of Disasters' is very interesting for me especialy concerning contemporary events on border of Russia. I'm not archeologist. But I'think it is very important explore the arheology of common consciousness. How the media work with the consciousness? How to work with the media consciousness, causing a rift within the social groups and war. Comparative analysis of the structure of the media reports for the past six months shows that the Disasters was caused not by natural hurricanes, typhoons and vicious Social Engineering. Agenda: Arheology of disasters constructed in the system of knowledge and education

Danny Agustin Flores
30/07/14 05:37:40AM @danny-agustin-flores:
Dr./Prof. Matthews, I hope you enjoyed perusing the book I sent on the recyclability of farm and agro-industrial byproducts for fibre. Thank you for your comments and suggestions.I am writing to request any of those who might want to receive FREE copies of my trade paperback which I will be sending out in the next month or so in 2014.As the second Edition is due in 2015 I would also like to whet their appetites for this coming new book in case any show a further interest in their research.Sincerely,Mr. D. FloresCo-op Member
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