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Location: Kathmandu
Work interests: Environmental toxicology
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group
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Location: Nepal, Kathmandu
Work: Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change, land degradation
Affiliations: PSD-Nepal
Favourite Publications: International Journal of Environment published by Progressive Sustainable Developers Nepal (PSD-Nepal)

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Govinda Bhandari

International Journal of Environment (IJE) ISSN 2091-2854

Dear readers It is our immense...
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Govinda Bhandari
@govinda-bhandari • 5 years ago • comments: 4
Workshop participants can introduce here.


Research Cooperative
03/07/14 10:04:18PM @chief-admin:

Dear Govinda,

After looking at your write up at INASP, I posted a note on "How launch a journal that is entirely new" in our focus group for Publishing and Production. Please see:

I hope you like it.

The note may help bring some further attention to IJE.

Best regards, Peter

Glenda Browne
28/06/14 07:08:40PM @glenda-browne:

Hi Govinda, I have accepted your Friend request, but have to say that I am not at all active on Research Cooperative. Sorry, Glenda

Research Cooperative
17/06/14 07:23:17AM @chief-admin:

Dear Govinda,

Thanks again for joining. Including you, we have about 25 members in Nepal (or who mention Nepal in their profile). You can find index pages for various member categories by looking for the "Connections" subtab under the Members tab in the main menu of our site. e.g. in the Topics index page, we can find the search term "environment" and find 295 members with some kind of interest in "environment" .

Best regards, Peter


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