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Location: New South Wales
Work interests: Indexing
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group
Preferred contact language(s): English
Favourite publications: The Indexing Companion by Browne and Jermey (our own book!)

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Location: Blaxland, NSW, Australia
Work: Interested in all aspects of indexing for all media, including metadata, taxonomy and thesaurus construction. Keen to explore ways for writers to make money. Also work as a trainer and librarian.

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Glenda Browne has been a freelance indexer and librarian since 1988. 

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Research Cooperative
04/11/17 03:44:36PM @chief-admin:

Hi Glenda,

Just a thought... there is a software system called LUCID that has been developed in Australia primarily for use by taxonomists wishing to escape from dichotomous keys and to make taxonomy more practically useful.

It works with sets of characters and traits and taxa, and I suspect that it could be used to invent new kinds of dictionaries and thesauri, though it was not intended for such purposes. See

The value for word hunting might be that one could begin with a concept, definition, or phrase, and then find suitable words, or begin with a word, and explore concepts that use that word. Perhaps all this has been achieved in electronic dictionaries already, but nevertheless, please have a look at Lucid.

Research Cooperative
13/01/13 08:13:26PM @chief-admin:

Dear Glenda,

You might have noticed that I have been trying to index our network in various ways - see subtabs under the main search tab. My understanding is that designing new basic search algorithms technically challenging, but creating static index pages might be a useful alternative.

I have been creating the index pages here manually, which is good as a starting point. In the longer-term, I wish we could automate the process, with the help of both indexing experts and anyone familiar with extracting data from websites and handling it with macros (computer command sequences like those used in Excel).

Since most social networks fail to really visualise and guide members through their networks, I think there is a lot of potential for innovation and development in this area.


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