Michele lesure

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Location: north central florida
Work interests: library science, library advocacy, social justice issues, policy development
Affiliation/website: Civic Media Center (member/volunteer), Gainesville, Florida
Preferred contact method: Private note via Research Co-op
Preferred contact language(s): English
Favourite publications: Popular Mechanics, The New Yorker

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Location: Gainesville, Florida
Work: American culture and history
Affiliations: University of Florida, Florida State University
Contact: P.O. Box 12704, Gainesville Florida 32604
Biographical: I am currently unaffiliated with an academic institution and require access to certain publications not subscribed to by the public library district. I am an experienced researcher in 19th - 20th century American texts and am currently working out what I hope will eventually be my dissertation in English. I am also exceptionally skilled in reference interviews for other researchers, having worked in an academic library for ten years. More information about my skillsets are available upon request.
Favourite Publications: Science, nature, national geographic, parabola,

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I am a native New Yorker who has lived in north central Florida long enough to consider myself a Floridian. My research investigates the intersectionality of culture, art, and theory in American discourse.

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Michele lesure
14/01/16 01:59:08AM @michele-lesure:
Thank you! I do appreciate the introduction to alternative research. Archives are a great resource!
Research Cooperative
12/01/16 09:36:51PM @chief-admin:

Hi Michele,

Thanks for joining. I work for a museum in Japan, and have had experience of looking at archives in museums and libraries in other countries. Often in institutions that are old, there will be collections of documents that have not yet been digitised or indexed for online databases. These can include unpublished letters, essays and entire books. Local history museums might have accepted autobiographies from local writers who never really intended to publish, even if their writing is good. Autobiography may be the most common genre of unpublished text, and early examples may be great windows into society at different periods of history.

After more than 10 years of research, my USA-born (late) mother self-published a combined biography and autobiography covering different generations of her family history, and stories of migration from Europe to Wisconsin to New Zealand. I can tell you more if the subject of of interest!

Cheers, Peter (Admin)


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