Michele lesure

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Location: north central florida
Work interests: library science, library advocacy, social justice issues, policy development
Affiliation/website: Civic Media Center (member/volunteer), Gainesville, Florida
Preferred contact method: Private note via Research Co-op
Preferred contact language(s): English
Favourite publications: Popular Mechanics, The New Yorker

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Location: Gainesville, Florida
Work: American culture and history
Affiliations: University of Florida, Florida State University
Contact: P.O. Box 12704, Gainesville Florida 32604
Biographical: I am currently unaffiliated with an academic institution and require access to certain publications not subscribed to by the public library district. I am an experienced researcher in 19th - 20th century American texts and am currently working out what I hope will eventually be my dissertation in English. I am also exceptionally skilled in reference interviews for other researchers, having worked in an academic library for ten years. More information about my skillsets are available upon request.
Favourite Publications: Science, nature, national geographic, parabola,