Jonathan Rankin

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Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Work: Social/Historical/Cultural Geography, Island Studies, Environmental Management
Affiliations: Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant at the University of Auckland.
Biographical: Working predominantly in English but with some fluency in Maori. I've studied Geography at the University of Auckland for the last four years, and worked on a large research project looking at evolving temporary migration policies in New Zealand following that. This year I am undertaking a Masters of Science reading on Island Studies and the social dynamics of island formation. I'm joining the network with the intent of contributing to a community of fellow readers and researchers.
Favourite Publications: Society and Space, Cultural Geographies, Area, Island Studies Journal, Progress in Human Geography, New Zealand Geographer

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Research Cooperative
21/04/15 02:28:51PM @chief-admin:

Dear Jonathan,

Thanks very much for joining. I am a former member of the now inactive Offshore Islands Research Group of NZ, but remain offshore here in Japan. Actually, I am involved with the Oceania Gallery of our museum, as well as research on taro, so still have connections to the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. I'm planning a visit home to Auckland next May, so might try to organise a meeting of Research Co-op members in Auckland then.

Please see our support group for the Island Studies Journal here:

Any activity by that group would help to raise the visibility of the journal!

Best regards, Peter


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