Search and Serendipity

Research Cooperative
13/10/16 10:34:03PM

At the Research Cooperative, we take search and serendipity seriously.

A happy serendipity happens when the path is clear, and our thoughts can wander freely, leading us to something we are happy to find, whether or not that is what we were looking for. This requires a kind of friction-free, intuitive navigation.

A social network is multi-dimensional, and we want our search system to allow members to follow trails, or create new trails, and discover intersections with other members in many different ways.

" Explore" in the main menu is where we introduce search options throughout the network, and explain how they can be used.  See also the search bars inside specific forums and group, and global search bar at top right, in desktop view (mobile phones may show them in other places).

Suggestions for making the search system better are welcome at any time.

We are limited in what we can do by our ability to work with the source code of the Jamroom system, which has been used to build this network.

However, we can take your suggestions and discuss them with the developers at Jamroom itself.

Please help us to help you - and to help the guys at Jamroom!