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  • Looking for a world index of academic journals?

    By Research Cooperative, 2021-02-05

    Why look for an index?

    Well... hopefully someone else has done the hard work of looking through zillions of search results and identifying journals that actually exist, and that can be contacted if necessary.

    Let's see. An exact search on "world index of journals" should narrow things down.

    Here's what we get:

    Google: "No results..." but then there are about 264,000,000 results that are not exact.

    No bad. I won't start at the bottom of that list!

    The Index Copernicus , based in Warsaw, is at top.

    After that there are some journal ranking sites. And some incomplete journal indexing sites that seem to have started and then stopped.

    "World list of journals" doesn't lead far either. There is a Wikipedia entry that lists some journals. And a Google snippit highlights this revelation:

    "No one knows how many scientific journals there are, but several estimates point to around 30,000, with close to two million articles published each year."

    That came from a short and pithy article:

    "Too much academic research is being published"

    Philip G. Altbach and Hans de Wit, 07 September 2018, University World News .

    T here is probably not much more I need to say.

    There is No World Index! Just a lot of partial information.

    That's OK.

    We've survived tens of thousands of years with partial information.

    It helps keep us on our toes. We wouldn't need science if we actually knew everything.

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    Specialist vs generalist services for science communication

    Our network, the Research Cooperative, succeeds and fails for the same reason:

    The nework has universal aims that have attracted members from all scientific areas, but lacks the focus that specialist networks can provide.

    Some companies succeed because they offer (for example) editing or translation for all possible topics (and farm out the work to unknown freelancers).

    Yet there are many individual editors or specialist editing companies that succeed because of a particular focus on human sciences, or engineering, or medicine, or biology, or other areas.

    We should not consider the "specialist vs generalist" contrast to be an "either/or" option at the Research Cooperative.

    Maybe we can aim for both. For example, it may be good for us to set up service groups within our system that focus on specific subjects (e.g. offers and requests for editing in mathematics).

    That was partly why we set up "topic focus groups"... but those groups are not designed for  specific services related to each topic.

    In reality, the group pages are not being used for topic discussions or for service offers and requests.

    They are not being used, full stop. :-(

    Perhaps this means that we have not made it clear that they can be used for discussion and service offers or requests.

    We need to think how the functions and potentials of our network can be made more obvious for visitors, potential members, and existing members.

    Any opinions on this matter are welcome!

    Please reply to this blog. Thanks.

    (Photo: nightfall in Kyoto, Summer 2020)


    By Dr Ramesh Singh Pal, 2021-01-22

    Generally people complain that they have done so much to someone and the same someone did not reciprocate one's good gestures or rather cheated one or one was not duly rewarded, recognized for one's good work or one did not get what one expected from one's work or one's expectations failed or one's love was not reciprocated or requited etc and this very feeling leads to mental disorders. The root cause of all mental disorders, tensions, worries, fears, insecurities is the very feeling that "I have done it and I should get this".

    Lord Krishna advises a wonderful idea to overcome all mental disorders. He advises to remove the ego spirit that I am doer of this particular action. The moment this feeling of doer-ship or I do it is removed, action becomes in-action and therefore one does not feel concerned about actions done just as one does not feel concerned about involuntary actions in body like respiration and heartbeat etc. I have coined a new phrase for my new invention - I call it working in AUTO MODE, just as plane flies in AUTO MODE .

    Working on auto mode - you might have heard term auto mode. When a pilot flies a plane and plane has attained certain height, then the pilot puts the plane on auto mode. Plane moves automatically at particular height and direction. Everything happens automatically. Similarly, if you have generated consuming passion and 100% obsession for your work and you pursue your goal passionately, then you are said to be working in auto mode. You never get depleted of energy while working, on the contrary – the more you work, the charged and energetic you become.

    Another word connecting same meaning may be “ESCAPE VELOCITY FORCE” ie to work with such a tremendous force that you never come back to your original starting point. This is something experienced in real life that is the reason I have been able to express it.

    Here I am going to mention the seven secretes to get success in life with a holistic approach. Let’s explore reasons why spiritual people are more successful in life.

    1. First thing, remember that success starts with you. So, strengthen your connection with your Source (call it God, Universe or Spirit). It may be the most important step to knowing who you are at the core. When you know who you are, you can be who you are. And when you can be who you are, without fear, then anything and everything becomes possible.
    2. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why spiritual people are successful in life. Being spiritual enables you to view things differently. The generalised opinion of "The world is screwed up" doesn't hold good anymore. Your belief towards breeding a healthy society never gets defeated.
    3. Start every day with a morning prayer of gratitude to God for the gift of a new day. Do this even if the day ahead appears ominous. Then, conclude every day with an evening prayer of gratitude to God for the gift of the preceding hours. Do this even if you’ve had a very tough day.
    4. Always adopt a positive mindset. Optimism takes you a long way in life. If you are spiritual, optimism comes as a by-product. Adopting a positive mindset always helps you attract the right vibes.
    5. Taking ownership means not making excuses, not blaming others, and not using your past or circumstances as reasons why you can’t be successful. Taking ownership and being responsible for what you think, what you say, and what you do is crucial to truly being successful. Remember, success starts and begins with you.
    6. To be a conscious creator of your world means performing committed action. It means you are awake in your life, aware of your purpose, have a vision, and are willing to do whatever it takes to have the life you want.
    7. No matter what happens to you, you always have the freedom to choose. You can select joy over despair. You can select love over hate. You can select forgiveness over revenge. You can select growth over stagnation. Remember, a crisis can evoke the best in us or the worst in us. The choice is ours!

    You don’t have to be a life coach or yoga teacher to do this. I don’t care whether you’re a writer, a scientist, a doctor, an assistant manager at a boutique or a marketing analyst! You can bring the passion to work in an automode. When you begin each workday knowing that you are fully supported by your faith in the Universe, you will become more confident. You’ll speak up fearlessly, become more creative, handle difficulties with grace and get along better with your coworkers, no matter what your job is.

    Dr Ramesh Singh Pal, PhD

    Scientist, Writer, Spiritual Motivator

    Welcome in Chinese 欢迎!

    By Research Cooperative, 2021-01-18






    Translation courtesy Lei T. , 18th Jan. 2021


    Tea garden, Yunnan (PJM 2018)

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    Audio transcription is the process of converting speech in an audio file into written text.

    In simplest form, it is the transformation of verbal communication and audio materials into text format. Interviewers, court reporters, professional secretaries and web design specialists create audio transcripts as part of their everyday job responsibilities.

    For many businesses across the globe, audio transcription is an essential part of the daily grind. There has been a huge shift in content from written to audio and video, meaning there’s reams of data to be typed up by an audio transcription service.

    The Benefits of Using Transcription

    No matter what your goals are, audio transcribers can help you. Individuals find the affordable pricing, unbeatable accuracy and fast turnaround time to be a tremendous benefit of using transcription services. Many people will send their interviews, research notes and more before they go to bed and wake up to a fully-transcribed document in their inbox.

    Best and easy way to distribute information

    While you can share information in the audio format, it is difficult to access and use such files, as and when you need them. This is not the case with audio transcriptions. With an audio transcript in hand, you can read them in PDF or .doc formats and even print them out. The versatility of audio transcripts make it easy to use and share on an anytime, anywhere basis.

    Get More Video viewers

    As video blogging is growing, as well as advertising on YouTube are becoming more and more popular all over the world, it is a good idea to add subtitles to one’s videos. Subtitles and captions allows viewers to double check what’s being said in the video in case they did not understand a certain word or simply misheard it.

    Eliminate multi-tasking

    Transcription requires full concentration to ensure accuracy, which is why it is important to have experts who can give special attention to this. So by using a professional service your in-house staff can focus on their jobs instead of the added burden of transcribing data.


     Professional transcribers have Well-trained ears for listening and eyes for proof-reading transcripts so you don't have to worry about quality.

    Boost the Value of Your Content

    Businesses use transcription services to make their video content easily searchable because search engines can’t watch videos or listen to audio clips. If a video is transcribed or captioned, search engine bots like google bot can read the transcriptions and know exactly what content is their within the video and thereby making it more accessible.

    Easily Transfer Information

    If you’re holding a meeting or a conference and some of the people were not able to attend, it means that they will miss out on everything that has been discussed unless they manage to get hold of the notes. This is where audio transcriptions is really helpful, you just need a transcription of that meeting, conference or interview and share it with the concerned people. This saves a lot of time and energy of all the peoples and makes things more efficient and productive.

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