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  • Image Sources Toolkit

    By Research Cooperative, 2021-09-28

    Top of the list is Wikimedia Commons. .. a great place for exploration and volunteer contributions.


    Max Antheunisse in the Netherlands has hand-crafted a collection of copyright-free botanical illustrations from various centuries, under a Creative Commons license.

    The collection is not yet comprehensive, but is large and easily explored. The site provides a searchable index so that we can find illustrations by searching on botanical name, publication, artist, etc.

    See: plantillustrations.org

    I especially like the index list of artists, linked to their works.


    There are more than one thousand World Heritage sites recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. These are places of both natural and cultural importance. OUR PLACE in partnership with UNESCO   is building an online photographic archive and interactive website to record these sites. Any photographer can contribute to the project.

    This could be a good model for many kinds of image archiving projects.

    See Our Place - The World Heritage Collection : http://www.ourplaceworldheritage.com/index.cfm


    AGPix ( http://www.agpix.com ) - an online community of 350+ image providers, mostly freelance/independent photographers.

    An Amish village ( Amishphoto.com ) - the work of one photographer in one community, over a period of four decades.

    Arctic Photo ( http://www.arcticphoto.com ) - pictures of polar regions, by various photographers who travel frequently to Siberia, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Arctic Scandinavia and Antarctica.

    Buiten-Beeld ( http://www.buiten-beeld.nl/ ) - Dutch nature/outdoor photography; online picture archive with about 100,000 images; best nature photographs by renowned wildlife photographers; young and talented photographers.

    Corbis Corporation ( http://www.corbis.com ) - a comprehensive selection of photography, illustration, footage, typefaces and rights clearance services; based in North America with offices in Europe, Asia, and Pacific.

    Images and Stories ( http://www.imagesandstories.com )- an Istanbul-based agency that supplies feature articles and stock images to magazines, book publishers, and others. Specialists for Turkey, Middle East, and Asia.

    iStockphoto ( http://www.istockphoto.com ) - offers photos, illustrations, video and audio; based in Canada.

    National Geographic Image Collection ( http://www.nationalgeographicstock.com ) - one of the largest online collections, global in scope.

    Our Place ( http://www.ourplaceworldheritage.com ) - photographic records of World Heritage locations registered by UNESCO.

    Photographers Direct ( http://www.photographersdirect.com/ ) , a pioneer of "Fair Trade Stock Photography" ; offers a range of photography more interesting than many commercially-orientated sites ; has more than 2,300,000 stockimages.

    Photo Library Group ( http://www.photolibrary.com ) - represents leading stock brands and photographers around the world; provides access to images, footage, and music.

    Randall Hyman ( http://www.randallhyman.com ) - environment, culture, and travel photos from over three decades, covering natural history and travel topics from Northern Europe to South America to Asia to Africa.

    Tranz International Image Library ( http://www.tranz.co.nz ) - international and New Zealand photography on historical, news, studio, life-style themes.


    I have also used Photographers Direct for research.

    The company running this service has a good system that aims to help photographers benefit from their work. The company "pioneered the concept of Fair Trade Stock Photography" This makes the range of photography more interesting than at many commercially-orientated sites.

    Maps Toolkit

    By Research Cooperative, 2021-09-28

    I'm often looking for base maps as a starting point for an illustration. Here are some sources:



    PestNet - Resources and an online community for crop pests and diseases

    PestNet is a network that helps people worldwide obtain rapid advice and information on crop protection, including the identification and management of plant pests. It started in 1999. Anyone with an interest in plant protection is welcome to join. PestNet is free to members and is moderated, ensuring that messages are confined to plant protection.

    The network was initiated in the Pacific Islands and has much useful information on the pests and diseases of taro (Colocasia esculenta).

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    Welcome in Japanese 歓迎

    By Research Cooperative, 2021-06-07
    Welcome in Japanese 歓迎





    (Courtesy Leola Hara , Research Cooperative member, 7th June 2021)

    Research Co-op Japan

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    Students Against the Draft (SAD) was a coalition of student and off-campus groups and individuals of various political affiliation who believed that resisting government and state terrorism was urgent. Hundreds of soon-to-be-disenfranchised students listened inspirationally to 7 speakers sharing their love, dedication, and bravery for peace and liberty at South Oval.

    Syeed Milky, a foreign exchange student from Bangladesh, told the audience that "Fighting for peace is the most difficult battle I've ever fought". He said that he saw his government kill students and other people in his home country and that, although the draft did not affect him personally, we must make our collective voices heard for peace.

    Rex Friend, a member of the National Lawyers' Guild who had worked on several draft registration resister's cases, had assisted resister Ben Sasway in his unsuccessful defense from prosecution for not registering for the draft and later saw him jailed. Friend said that hundreds of thousands of American youth refuse to register for draft slavery. He explained that the government's prosecution of draft resisters is unconstitutional because, to avoid the costs of prosecuting everyone, it seeks to punish only a select few.

    Elizabeth Fleming spoke on behalf of the Society of Friends. She spoke about the people in Central America and Africa who have been mortared and shot by CIA mercenaries. Fleming envisioned a Peace Academy to promote peace and stop government from waging endless wars.

    Jerry Messick, a member of Vietnam Veterans Against War, explained how the CIA invades Central American countries, bombs factories, bombs civilians, kidnaps teachers, kills children, and creates nameless graves. Messick said that U.S. corporate interests in Nicaraugua and El Salvador are responsible for the CIA presence there. He explained from a veteran's perspective how the draft uses its victim before discarding him.

    Mary Long, a member of a student Socialist group, explained how the military is too often the only escape available to America's rural and urban poor. Long reminded the audience that later that night would be the last broadcast of the television sitcom "MASH". She said "Tonight when you are toasting the end of BJ and Hawkeye's war, you should be thinking about how to stop our wars".

    Robert Chambers, a McDonald's manager and member of the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma, explained that individuals founded this country through battle against a British king. Our Founding Fathers said no more will people be subservient to a king; government representatives will be servants of the people. Chambers said that draft slavery violates the Bill of Rights. He also explained how draft slavery creates a caste system - "you become cold, you become iron, you become steel, you become a resource". Chambers argued for a noninterventionist foreign policy and a military that polices U.S. borders only. "I am offering a solution", he said, "vote the Democrats and Republicans out of office".

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