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    Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development: https://www.iau-hesd.net/

    International Association of Universities: https://www.iau-aiu.net/

    United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO): https://www.unesco.org

    World Higher Education Database: https://www.whed.net/

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    Taro story published in National Geographic magazine

    By Research Cooperative, 2023-07-14

    Today I received a link to a new a newly published story in National Geographic magazine.

    Title: "How taro is eaten around the world" (11th July, 2023; 7 minute read)

    The author, Abigail Bassett (an independent journalist and writer based in California) sent me this note:

    "Thanks again for your time a few weeks ago for my story on Taro. The piece is now live on National Geographic, here. 

    Below: White heron feeding on wildlife in a rice pond next to taro (PJM: Kyoto 13th. July 2023). Taro/rice pondfields in Japan still support some snails, frogs and small fish, though much biodiversity has been lost with the intensive use of herbicides and pesticides. In Southeast Asia, the cultivated wetlands are still a source of many wild foods (including fish and edible wild taros that are cooked and eaten together).


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    Best graphic design company in India

    By Work Looper, 2023-07-01

    WorkLooper consultants is the best graphic design company in India. we have a team of experts that specialized in creating unique and attractive graphics for businesses in various industries. Our company offers a wide range of graphic design services including logo design, branding, products and websites created by a team of talented designers. WorkLooper is dedicated to creat unique designs that help businesses stand out in the market. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to detail have made it a leader in the graphic design industry.

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    I have an unfortunate habit of trying new paid services and then not using them as much as I should.... mostly because (a) there are too many other free and paid services that are constantly catching my attention, (b) I only need to process and use a limited amount of information for my own academic purposes.

    Being focused and producing our own new work, while being open to new ideas and information is a difficult balancing act in the present age of media over-abundance.

    Nevertheless, I quite often down the pdf packages that academica.edu offers when I come across a paper in their online archive.

    As an information management technique, I try to delete bundled papers that are off-topic immediately, so that I can dig into interesting papers more efficiently at a later date.

    The Academia Premium subscription package includes many more benefits than its regular account. These are described below (Internet , 21st May 2023: https://support.academia.edu/hc/en-us/articles/360043383853-What-is-Academia-Premium?):

    Mentions: Learn who cites you. 

    Readers: See who interacts with your work. 

    Enhanced Analytics: Slice and dice how, when, and where your Academia profile is discovered and viewed. 

    Advanced Search: Explore the full text of millions of uploaded papers.

    Profile Visitors: Find out types of people who check out your profile. 

    Personal Website: A clean, beautiful way to show your presence to the world.

    Grants: Search our database of over one thousand grant and fellowship opportunities. 

    PDF Packs: download whole groups of related papers to jumpstart your research.  Search Alerts: Stay updated on your research with automatic reports of saved search queries.  Summaries: Get super-summarized versions of papers & save time on research.   

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    Scientists Behaving Badly

    By Research Cooperative, 2023-04-17

    The following article has had some impact it seems - the JSPS in Japan is using it as reference material for its course on research ethics:

    Martinson, B.C., Anderson, M.S., and de Vries, R., "Scientists Behaving Badly," Nature , 435, 2005, p.737-738

    The authors highlight the need for attention to "Questionable Research Practices" (QRP), not only good or bad practices.

    When I went to Academia.edu to obtain a free download if the article, the bundle of related articles offered was very large, with (too) much to explore :-(

    The JSPS course also cites the following sources:

    National Academy of Sciences, Responsible Science: Ensuring the Integrity of the Research Process, Vol. 1. Washington, D.C., National Academy Press p.28 (1992)

    National Academy of Sciences. On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research: Third Edition . (2009). Available for free pdf download here:


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