How to close your account

To show that you own the account being closed, please send your username and account email (i.e. the address used to register when you joined, or a more recent address if you changed the registered address after joining).

If you can still log in to your account, please do this and go to "Close my account" under your username in the main menu.

Your account can be closed in two ways. Please choose one option (O1 or O2) and write this in the message field below. There is no need to tell us why you are leaving, but we would be happy to know.

O1 - Full deletion of all records of my account, including profile details, posted messages, attached replies, and other content. After this, nothing can be recovered.

O2 - Move my account offline, but keep all records in the network system. The Research Cooperative can contact me if there is content in my blog or other posts that has value for display

NOTE: If you are not closing your account, you can change account settings for "Notifications" to stop receiving messages from the Research Cooperative or other members.

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