How to close your account

If you have forgotten your login password, we will need your username and account email address. This will be the address used for registration when you first joined the network (unless you updated the address).

These details are needed so that we can confirm that you own the account that is being closed. Note: If you can log in to your account, it is better to log in and go to "Close my account" under your username in the main menu.

To close your account, tell us which options are acceptable (one or more of O1, O2, O3). There is no need to explain why you want to leave, but we would be grateful if you can tell us.
Option 1 - Please move my account to a closed account archive where none of the details can be seen except by Admin. (The account can be renewed later by request).
Option 2 - The Research Cooperative can keep all my posted content, but please remove all my personal details (username, email address, personal profile details) from the account. (The account will be given a numerical name and will be managed by the Research Cooperative). If you have contributed valuable discussion to the network, and have received valuable replies from other members, we would like to keep your content, and related contributions by other members, on the site.
Option 3 - Please delete all records of my account including all posted messages and attached replies, profile details, and other content. (After deletion, nothing can be recovered).
Option choice
Indicate which options are acceptable (O1, O2, O3 - one or more required)
my username
registration email address
The current address used in your Research Cooperative account (required)
real person test