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Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat Sate
Work: Horticultur, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants cultivation and Value adddition. Principal Leader & Secretary of Amla Growers Association of Gujarat. I am progressive farmer nad taking keen interest in Hi-tech organic farming, voluntary dissemination of technow how to farmers, participate in various seminars, Agribusiness development and welfare of farmers and consumers, knowledge development & Management,, traditional farm technologies, etc
Biographical: Dahyabhai M.Patel, M.Sc(Agriculture) DIST Progressive Farmer, Farmers organizers/ promoters Professional Sesearcher/Agri/Rural Banker- worked in IIM,SBI, UCO,CBI Agrotech Advisor- NGO working in Adivasi districts Keen involvement in Medicinal and Aromatic plants cultivation, value addition, publication/ dissemination Rural Development Planning & Management.
Favourite Publications: Heritage Amruth, Madplant, Magazine/ News letter published by CIMAP, NMPB, Ayurved Univercity/Institutions/FFDCI/OFAI etc and various useful/ informative quality web sites

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