G. Raymond Peacock

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Location: Southampton PA, USA
Work: Metrology, temperature measurement, temperature sensor uses, measurement quality assurance, dimension measurement, gauging, standards, standards development, website management, website content development and more.
Biographical: Semi-retired Industrial Physicist with a history of successful uses of measurement devices, especially non-contact temperature measurement and imaging. Former Chairman, and still active member of the ASTM E20.02 Subcommittee on Radiation Thermometry and Member of several other Subcommittees within the ASTM E20 Committee on Temperature Measurement. Fellow of ASTM International. Former course developer and presented for ISA educational courses on temperature measurement and Non-contact temperature measurement. Developer and Publisher & Editor of the MeasurementMedia Network of websites, a division of Temperatures.com, Inc. Publications -partial list at http://www.temperatures.com/grppubs.html
Favourite Publications: Metrologia, Review of Scientific Instruments, Measurement Science and Technology, Intech, Wired, SPIE Proceeding of ThermoSense

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Research Cooperative
28/12/11 01:27:47PM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Peacock,

Thanks very much for joining.

You might like use our forum, Communication - Calls , to request original contributions for your website. This is a passive approach that might yield results over time.

An alternative is to search through the member profiles using keywords, and then to make contact with members who might like to work with you. This is a proactive approach that might yield results sooner.

In any case, please look around the network, and contact me at any time with questions or suggestions. As I wrote previously, it may be useful for your publishing efforts, and our network, if we can collaborate in some way.

Best regards, Peter Matthews (Admin.)


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