Geoffrey Philip Mwesigwa

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Location: Mitaka, Japan
Work: Development, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
Biographical: Areas of Expertise: Management of Projects Agriculture Development Entrepreneurship Development Sustainable livelihood Development Secure Livelihood Development Rural Development; Gender Analysis Project formulation, Monitoring and Evaluation Networking NGOs & Government Organization Cluster Approach Networking Conflict resolution and Peace Negotiation

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Research Cooperative
20/06/10 02:08:05PM @chief-admin:
Dear Geoffrey,I have created a communication-focused group for "Food, Agriculture and People" inside the Research Cooperative. If you would like to look (and perhaps join), please see here:
"> Thanks, Peter (Admin. Research Cooperative)
Ramiro Falla Sanchez
20/10/08 12:38:25AM @ramiro-falla-sanchez:
Dear Geoffrey;Today I remember one phrase High school's Teacher told me,once;l'union ce la force. let's go ahead in communications.Grateful,Mr. Ramiro Falla Sanchez .
Golam Mostofa
21/09/08 03:29:09PM @golam-mostofa:
Dear Geoffrey, thank you very much for joining The Research Cooperative. Good luck.


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