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Proof Reader

As a proofreader at nerdpapers, my job is to ensure that written research content is free from errors and reads smoothly. I meticulously review texts for typos, grammar mistakes, and inconsistencies, making necessary corrections to enhance clarity and coherence. With a sharp eye for detail and a dedication to linguistic precision, I strive to deliver polished and professional writing. Whether it's a document, article, or manuscript, I take pride in helping writers communicate their ideas effectively by...

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Research Cooperative
15/05/24 03:10:55PM @chief-admin:

Hi Jm...

Thanks very much for joining. I think in the age of AI, there is perhaps even more need for vigilant humans (aka proofreaders) to check if plausible but unintended constructions have been produced by authors who make use of AI services.

Peter (Admin, Kyoto)


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