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Location: Sonoma County, CA
Work: Copy editing, research, fact checking, proofreading, copy writing, indexing, ESL editing, STEM editing, nonfiction books, medical editing
Affiliations: Society for Neuroscience, Washington, DC New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY MediMedia Managed Markets, So. San Francisco HealthMatters Communications / MedEd Now, New York, NY Decision Resources, Waltham, MA Sterling Publishing / Barnes & Noble, New York, NY DraftFCB Healthcare, New York, NY Hearst Books, New York, NY Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Boston, MA
Biographical: English, French, Russian

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Research Cooperative
30/08/15 09:08:36PM @chief-admin:

Dear Lisa,

If you place separate offers for specific kinds of work (e.g. different major subject areas) in our forums for editing, special services (fact checking), etc., the offers can be tagged, and will be automatically linked to your main profile page. That's a legitimate way to maximise your visibility on our network and on the internet.

Posting original commentary with your own blog within our network will also have this effect. One of our members published a series of notes related to psychology and those notes have received an extraordinary number of visitors.

I have occasionally asked and paid writers to write (as authors retaining copyright for their own work) topical notes for our network, and if you are interested (and would like to) please post an example or two of your own writing (on any topic) as a blog post!

Best regards, Peter (Admin.)


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